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The 1" inch T-shaped Floraflex Pipe system has 8 barbed outlets that ensure there is no gap between the outlets and the pipes. It is easy to assemble the whole pipe system without glue or thread. It weighs around 0.5lbs. The length, breadth and width of the FloraFlex Pipe System is around 12.3" x 3" x 2.5".  

  • 1" inch T Pipe fitting: The 1" inch T-shaped pipe fitting present on the pipe system is appropriate for handling high pressure of water.
  • Quick Assembling: This pipe system's units can be easily attached without using any other connecting material like thread or glue. 
  • 8 Barbed Outlets: The eight outlets present on the flow bubbler are barbed, which helps the pipe to stick with the bubbler tightly. 
  • Weighs 0.5lbs (approx): FloraFlex pipe system weighs around 0.5 lbs so, it is easy to carry from one place to the other.

The 1" inch T-shaped FloraFlex Pipe system helps provide water and nutrients to your gardens and farms. It has a flow bubbler on top, which has eight barbed outlets. These barbed outlets hold onto the pipe tightly so that no product can leak out of it while passing. It has no pressure regulation and allows high-pressure water to pump out seamlessly.

The weight of this pipe system is around 0.5lbs, and the width, height, and breadth is 12.3" x 3" x 2.5". This eight-manifold pipe system has a flora valve in the middle, controlling water flow. It easily sticks to the flow bubbler and the T-shaped pipe fitting. 

The T-shaped pipe fitting helps the FloraFlex pipe system fit with the main connecting pipe at an angle of 90 degrees. This way, you will get two outlets to supply water and nutrients. In addition, it is 1" inch in diameter, ensuring that water and nutrients can flow easily even at high pressure.

If you want, you can choose an elbow-shaped pipe fitting for your FloraFlex pipe system. You can use this pipe system for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. The FloraFlex pipe system works wonders in a hydroponic system that requires constant water flow.  

You can use the FloraFlex pipe system for drip irrigation and aquariums too. This pipe system ensures that a suitable amount of water reaches the roots of the plants. It is an economical product that can easily fulfill the needs of small-sized to large-sized farmers. 


  • SKU/Model No.:  DL-FF167 

  • Dimensions:       12.3" x 3" x 2.5"

  • Weight (lbs):       0.5

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