FloraFlex Pipe System Open 3/4'' Elbow

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The eight outlet manifold FloraFlex Pipe System comes with a flora valve that controls water pressure. A ¾" inch fitting elbow is available with this pipe system to attach it to the water distributing channel. It uses 20-60 psi units of pressure to diffuse the water. As a result, it provides a consistent water flow to all the units.

  • Flora Fitting Elbow ¾": The shape of the floor fitting on the Flora Flex pipe system is elbow and the size of the floor fitting is ¾" inch.
  • Flora Valve: Flora Flex pipe system has a flora valve attached to it, which helps control water pressure easily. 
  • 20-60 psi: The pressure at which the water flows through the FloraFlex Pipe System is 20-60psi. This pressure won't harm your plants and provide proper nourishment to them.
  • Can be Used for Drip Irrigation: You can use this pipe system for drip irrigation water needs to be pushed slowly. 

The FloraFlex Pipe System has eight outlets that make up the whole FloraFlex Pipe System. All the outlets can be easily detached from each other. You won't need any thread or glue to attach them again. Moreover, you can clean all these parts at your convenience. 

One of the outlets present on the FloraFlex Pipe System is a flora valve. This valve can help you in controlling the water pressure. The FloraFlex Pipe System works wonders in the drip irrigation system, requiring less water. 

The floor fitting of this pipe system is in the shape of an elbow. This shape is appropriate for fitting the FloraFlex pipe system to the corner of the water pipes. This elbow-shaped flora fitting is about ¾" and can be attached to any water pipeline.

The pressure at which the water is pumped through the FloraFlex Pipe System is about 20-60 psi. This amount of pressure is appropriate to provide hydration to small plants. Even for the delicate processes like germination of seeds, FloraFlex Pipe System pumps adequate water into the soil. 

The flow bubbler on the FloraFlex pipe system has eight outlets to provide water to 8 sources at once. You can use this pipe system for various purposes like land irrigation or simply filling in some containers. 

Furthermore, with the help of the Flora Flex pipe system, you will be able to complete your work within no time. The FloraFlex pipe system is inexpensive. You will hardly face any issues using this pipe system. This pipe system is made up using high-quality materials. So, it won't break or start leaking easily.  


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-FF161

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