FloraFlex Pipe System Open 3/4'' T

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The FloraFlex Pipe System Open T helps farmers provide the right amount of hydration and nutrition to their plants. It has 8 Outlets which allows them to form a channel to provide hydration to several plants at once. The amount of water pumped through the flow bubbler is uniform and apt with no pressure regulation. 

  • Flow Bubbler with No Pressure Regulation: The Flow Bubbler present on the top of the FloraFlex Pipe System does not have a pressure regulation system. So, the user can manage the flow easily according to his own will.
  • 8 Outlet: FloraFlex Pipe System has eight outlets with which a channel can be formed to provide necessary nutrients to plants. 
  • Quick Disconnection: All the parts of this pipe system can be taken easily without using any glue or thread. 
  • Pipe Fitting T-shaped: The shape of the pipe fitting present on this pipe system is T-shaped. With the help of this, you can easily fix your system with a water line.

With the help of the FloraFlex Pipe System, you can provide hydration to more than one plant at a time. It has eight outlets that help form a matrix channel to irrigate the crops. Thin pipes are attached to each outlet. The ending of these outlets is attached to the plants to provide direct nourishment. 

As no pressure regulation system is available on FloraFlex Flow Bubbler, one can regulate the amount of water to disperse it independently. As a result, the water uniformly reaches the plant, ensuring equal distribution of nutrients. In addition, the material used to make FloraFlex Pipe System is of good quality and won't break even after using it harshly.

The FloraFlex Pipe System is easy to disconnect. All the parts can be disjoined anytime you want, from the flow bubbler to the T-shaped flora pipe fitting. You won't need any clue or thread to tie the Flora Flex Pipe System parts together. Furthermore, you can clean the fittings of this pipe system whenever you want. 

The pipe fitting of this pipe system is T-shaped. You can attach this pipe system with water distributing lines from both sides. As soon as the water reaches this pipe system, it will push out water from its eight outlets.

The size of the T-shaped fitting is ¾" inch, which is wide enough to fit in with any pipeline. FloraFlex Pipe systems are well-suited for drip irrigation. For people who want to start their nursery, FloraFlex Pipe System Open 3/4'' T will help you provide nutrients and water to the new seedlings. 


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-FF163


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