FloraFlex Tubing 1/4'' OD 100ft.

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The FloraFlex’s green-colored 100 ft long tubing is made up of non-toxic materials that help in transferring food successfully. The conveyance of food items becomes a lot easier with the 100ft length of this food-grade hose. The outer diameter of FloraFlex Tubing is ¼ inch, and the inner diameter is 3/16 inch, giving enough space for any food item to pass easily. 

  • 100ft Long: The length of FloraFlex Tubing is 100ft, allowing farmers to use it on their land without any issues. 
  • Durable: Service Life of Flora Flex Tubing is quite long no matter how roughly you use it. It is kink-resistant so that no sharp bends can break it easily.
  • Made Out of Food-grade Material: PolyVinyl, a popular food-grade material, is used to make this tubing. So, it can be used as a food grain hose as well. 
  • ¼ Outer Diameter: The outer diameter of this tubing is ¼inch, allowing any material to pass through this tubing easily. 

The FloraFlex 100ft green tubing has a ¼ inch outer diameter and 3/16 inch inner diameter that helps the materials pass easily. Even the thickest solutions pass through this food grain hose without any hindrance. 

You can use this tubing for passing raw food items such as wheat, rice, or ready-to-consume items like soft drinks, coffee, etc. This tubing can also be used for transferring non-consumable materials like petrol, diesel, etc.

This green tubing is made up of high-end PolyVinyl material. PolyVinyl is known to be non-toxic and food-grade. Hence, making the FloraFlex Tubing an ideal choice for transporting food items. FloraFlex Pipe is also odor resistant. When the food passes through it, no foul smell is transferred. Therefore, your food remains safe to be consumed. 

The length of FloraFlex tubing is around 100ft. So, you can smoothly transfer the material from one spot to the other no matter how far it is. Using FloraFlex tubing can transfer materials like tea, coffee easily without losing flexibility. In addition to this, it can easily tolerate wear and tear without getting cracked.

FloraFlex tubing is quite flexible. Hence, easing the whole process of food transportation. This tubing is kink-resistant as well. Your tube will not get any sharp bents no matter how roughly you use it. 

FloraFlex tubing is lightweight so that you can carry it anywhere. It is built mainly for agriculture and horticulture use. The tubing can help farmers irrigate their land. In addition, farmers can spray pesticides on plants and trees without any problem with this tubing. 


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-FF129

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