Goliath Grow Tent 2'x2.5'x6'11"-7'11"

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Whether you are a small scale grower or a professional looking for a reliable solution for growing long, thicker, and superior quality yields, the Goliath tent has you covered. It comes along with an expert configuration that helps keep the tent in place. The grow light's diamond reflection technology increases the lumen output by 30% to give the plantations a healthier boost.

  • Dense Fabric: It has been constituted of 1680D fabric, which is at least 9X thicker than the regular ones present online and can promise high reliability.

  • Adjustable Tent Height: You can increase the tent's height by 12’’ and allow the plantations to grow taller.

  • Steel Construction: The grow tent comes with steel interlocking pins and poles, making the grow tent at least 2-5x stronger than the regular one available in the market.

  • Diamond Reflective Technology: Light distribution increases by 30% and minimizes the chances of leaving hot spots and damaging the plantations.

The steel interlocking pins and poles firmly hold the grow tent in place. With the steel components, your tents are 5x times stronger than the regular tents in the world. With thick, dense cloth, easy view windows, rear access door, industrial-strength doors, you can achieve unparalleled durability and security.

Compared to the regular grow tents available in the market, Goliath grow tents are 9x stronger, which means they are safer, durable, light-proof, and overall the best available in the market. With the unique diamond reflection technology, the grow tent helps increase the reflection of light, thus minimizing the chance of creating heat spots in the plants. With the grow tent, you can maximize the growth of plantations.

The goliath grow tent comes with a height extension kit, which gives you the ability to increase the height by 12’’. So, your plants can go upto 50% larger and healthier. You don't have to worry about the fully grown plants to touch the grow light fixture.

Although you get large windows with the tent that gives you an easy inside look, it won't take any growing space. The dimensions of the doors are perfect for providing you with a 360-degree view of the inside.

From a professional to a regular grower, the grow tent will meet the needs of different growers' needs. It has been equipped with the smartest components to help you achieve a healthier yield without any compromise.


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-711225

  • Heavy duty light-proof zipper.

  • One front door in H style.

  • Two square observation windows on the front door.

  • Two square air inlets at bottom.

  • Five 11" round ventilation sockets.

  • Two 3" round cable sockets.

  • 12" extension kit included, height can be extended to 6'11"

  • Metal corners. Poles(D/T) 19mm/0.7mm.

  • Mylar: 1680D

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