Goliath Grow Tent 3'x3'x6'11"-7'11"

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Goliath introduces a smart growing facility that creates the perfect growing environment while consuming very little space. It uses 1680D fabric, thick, durable, light-proof, and has reflective walls to increase the coverage, lumen output by 30%. You don't have to doubt the strength as it has metal corners, interlocking pins, and poles made out of metal.

  • Reflective Walls: The diamond reflective walls increase the lumen output by almost 30%, so you achieve a healthy yield.

  • 9x Denser Fabric: It constitutes a reliable, durable, and light-proof frame that is 9x times stronger than what is available in the market.

  • Adjustable Tent Height: Increase the height to 6’11’’ to avoid heat spots and give more sore growing space to the plants you want to grow taller.

  • Sturdy Construction: The metal corners, steel pins, and interlocking poles make the grow tent stronger.

With the extendable height option, you do not have to squeeze in the plant's growth. If you aim to give the plantations a considerable height, this grow tent gives you the option to increase the height to 6’11’’.

A large doorway and the growing tent's standing height allows you to take a clearer view of each plant or a 360-degree view of what is growing inside. The large windows do not compromise with the growing space. It has an H style door for easy accessibility.

What makes the grow tent reliable is the steel components, which include interlocking pins and poles made out of steel. The steel components constitute a 2-5x, more robust tent frame.

Diamond reflective interiors ensure that a large area gets an increased lumen output with low operational cost. The lumen output increases by almost 30%, so you achieve a healthier and superior quality yield. The steel interlocking frame, zippers that boast industrial-strength, metal corners, heavy-duty spill tray together constitute a strong tent frame. It stays firm in its ideal position.

It has been made using 1680D fabric thicker, denser compared to the other competitive grow tent manufacturing brands available in the market. The grow tent has been ideally designed to meet the diverse needs of growers of all scales. The double cinching duct ports and its thick material creates the ideal growing environment for all the growers.


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-711330

  • Heavy duty light-proof zipper.

  • One front door in H style.

  • Two square observation windows on the front door.

  • Two square air inlets at bottom.

  • Five 11" round ventilation sockets.

  • Two 3" round cable sockets.

  • 12" extension kit included, height can be extended to 6'11"

  • Metal corners. Poles(D/T) 19mm/0.7mm.

  • Mylar: 1680D

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