Gorilla Grow Tent 1000W DE Pro Series Cultilux CMH Light Bulb

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DE Pro Series Cultilux CMH Light Bulb is an incredible innovation in the horticulture world. It is built with a glass that offers the right UV rays your indoor plants require for increased crop quality. This heavy-duty lamp is suitable to run all types of CMH light bulbs without any problem. Cultilux emits full-spectrum 4000k is great for the vegetative stage and full spectrum 3000k is perfect for the flowering stage. 

  • Highly Efficient: It is more efficient than other bulbs on the market. It delivers high PPF and less heat. This results in better yield and high quality for the growers while helping them save on the electricity bills.
  • Ceramic HID Technology: This ceramic bulb uses High-Intensity Discharge technology. It offers a great light spectrum that imitates natural sunlight.
  • Cultilux Spectrum: This lamp is based on the Cultilux spectrum. It offers a safe and effective UV dose without stressing the plants.
  • Less than 0.1 Failure Rate: This double-ended fixture has been meticulously built with high-quality control standards to ensure a low failure rate.

DE Pro Series Cultilux CMH Light Bulb offers a superior quality growth spectrum for boosted crop quality. A healthy dose of UVA and UVB increase the THC content and trichome density. It is based on Ceramic High-Intensity Discharge (HID) technology that has high lumen-per-watt efficiency. This ensures excellent light brightness and output. It’s because the bulb imitates the natural sunlight better than other lamps on the market and produces a color spectrum that helps indoor plants grow faster.

It uses a low-frequency, low-wave design and has an optimized heat sink to disperse extra heat. Lumen Maintenance 90% @8,000 hours ensures the long life of the lamp. Thus, users do not need to be concerned about replacing bulbs from time to time. It is best to use in the areas where ceiling light is not a restriction.

The grow lamp comes with a one-year warranty so that the growers can buy it with confidence. In addition, it has a non-dimmable feature so that it does not reduce the overall effectiveness of the light spectrum and change the quality of plant growth.

Unlike other light bulbs, it comes with a high PPF (1785 μmol/s). This double-ended light bulb allows quick installation and does not need assembly. Invest in DE Pro Series Cultilux CMH Light Bulb for fast and healthy growth of your plants.


  • SKU/Model No.: GSI-GGT-DE-CMH

  • Correlated Color temperature (CCT): 4000K

  • Color Rendering Index (CRi/Ra): 98

  • Light Output: 103,000 Lumens

  • Lumen Maintenance: 90% @8,000 Hours

  • Efficacy: 103 Lumens/Watt

  • PPF: 1785 μmol/s

  • Cap-base: Double End (K12x305)

  • Fixture Type: Open or Enclose

  • Rated Life: 15,000 Hours

  • Power (Rated): 1000W

  • Lamp Current Run-Up: 8.3A @ 120V OR 4.1A @ 240V OR 3.6A @ 277V

  • Ignition Peak Voltage: 4000-5000V

  • Voltage: 120-277V

  • Overall Length: 15.6"

  • Mercury (Hg) Content: Yes

  • Bulb Temperature (MAX): 1292° F

  • Warranty:,1 Year

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