Gorilla Grow Tent 4"x12" Tactical Carbon Filter

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Do you want to upgrade your indoor growing plants to look fresh? There is not a more perfect option than the Gorilla Grow 4" x12" Tactical Carbon Filter Tent. This premium tent filter is durable and effective at providing plants with fresh and clean air to thrive. Gorilla Grow Tent is the perfect defense weapon against pathogens, disease-causing spores, contaminants, dust, and bacteria. 

  • Optimized Design: Gorilla Grow Tent has an optimized design that enhances its performance. It more effectively removes the contaminants from the air. 
  • Lightweight & Durable Design: It has a lightweight and durable aluminum housing and dual onboard mounting points, making the grow tent easy to handle, install, and maintain.
  • Cleanest Operation & Amplified Air-Flow:  It allows clean operation and less loss of air movement due to fine particle damming. 
  • Ultra-Activated Coconut Carbon: Gorilla Grow Tent comes with Ultra-Activated Coconut Carbon that makes it 50% more effective at absorbing odors and contaminants.

Plants need fresh, clean air to bloom, and for this, Gorilla Grow Tent is the best choice. It is made with premium, activated Coconut Shell Carbon which makes it perfect for your growth & for the planet. It also has carbon filters that remove pathogens, disease-causing spores, contaminants, dust, and bacteria from the air. 

By far, it is the most eco-friendly and sustainable source of carbon that comes from a renewable crop. There is high carbon hardness joined with exceptionally low ash levels allows clean performance and less airflow waste. In addition, gorilla Tactical Carbon Filters use only Ultra-Activated Coconut Carbon for maximum adsorption and peak effectiveness in eliminating pathogens and odors.

By utilizing the best Coconut Carbon, you can enhance the growth of your plants as it is 50% more efficient at absorbing odors and contaminants. In addition, they are designed with thick carbon beds to ensure the highest removal percentage of volatile organic compounds and pollutants. 

Keep in mind, there is no light indicator on the filter which indicates it is ready or not to be replaced. Besides this, when it comes to strength, durability, and quality, no one can compete with the GGT brand name. So, whether you are an expert looking for a reliable, durable, and strong tent for growing, or a beginner, this 4x12 will stand the test of time!



  • Duct Size: 4"

  • Length: 12"

  • Airflow rating: 200 CFM

  • Weight: 7.6lbs

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