Gorilla Grow Tent 6"x24" Tactical Carbon Filter

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Carbon filtration is such an important aspect of indoor gardening. The Gorilla Grow Tent 6" x24" Tactical Carbon Filters provide maximum odor absorption and eliminate pathogens because it has high-density microfibres. It is lightweight and has a durable design that lasts long in different weather conditions. Additionally, your carbon filter will be the best looking of them all.

  • Peak Performance: The gorilla grows tent tactical carbon filters are equipped with thick carbon beds. The carbon beds are highly efficient in removing volatile organic compounds. 
  • Effective and Long Lasting: Our carbon structure is made from micro-pores that allow 50% more carbon surface to bind and eliminate pollutants. 
  • Lightweight and Durable Design: The lightweight and durable aluminum housing makes it easier for you to handle the carbon filter. Additionally, this carbon filter has onboard mounting points. 
  • Amplified Air Flow: The low ash levels combined with high carbon hardness offer a clean airflow in the tactical carbon filter. It also reduces the loss of air due to the accumulation of fine particles. 

The 6" x24" tactical carbon filter is the best amongst all the carbon filters available on the market. As we know, carbon filtration holds the utmost importance in indoor gardening. Therefore, this tactical carbon filter is made with high-quality material to withstand different temperatures yet perform its best.

A carbon source is important to keep the filter working properly. Thus, this ultra-activated coconut carbon is the best fit for your indoor farming. In addition, this filter has micro-pores in higher density than other leading alternatives. As a result, it proves to be 5% more effective in absorbing contaminants and odor.

Indoor gardening is a lot different than outdoor farming. First, you need to create a sustainable environment for your plants to grow. For example, you have to provide them with clean air to thrive. Hence, this Gorilla Tactical Carbon filter is your go-to solution. It is designed to remove disease-causing spores, contaminants, bacteria, and pathogens from the air. This 6" x24" tactical carbon is also available in two other sizes that you can use to fit your indoor gardening requirements.

It is exceptionally lightweight. Thus, you can place it anywhere and change its place yourself when needed. Moreover, this carbon filter is made with coconut shell fibers and is the first most eco-friendly carbon source. Additionally, it has proven to be an extremely sustainable carbon filter.

The carbon filter allows a free flow of air as it combines the carbon hardness with low ash levels to prevent the accumulation of fine particles. In addition, these filters are made with thick carbon beds to ensure that volatile compounds, contaminants, and odor are effectively removed at a higher percentage.



  • Dimensions: 11x11x28 inches

  • Weight: 17.75lbs

  • Carbon type: Coconut Carbon

  • Bed Thickness: 2” 

  • Recommended tent size: 5x5, 4x8, 5x9

  • Airflow rating: 500 CFF

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