Greentree Hydroponics Multi Flow 6 Site Expansion Kit

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The Greentree Hydroponics Multi Flow 6 Site Expansion Kit is designed for use with the Greentree Hydroponics Multi Flow Hydroponic system. This 6 site add-on pack includes:

  • 6x 2 gallon pot sets, complete with bottom pots, grommets, and punched insert pots
  • 6x 3/4" tee fittings
  • 20 ft of 3/4" tubing

Each pot holds two gallons of your favorite medium. When assembled the upper and lower pot together measure 9-1/2" wide and 14" tall.

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Joshua Sluiter
I love

Everything’s amazing

Derrick Figg

I like this Setup...I have the Original 12, but needed more...As far as Ebb and Flow goes, Greentree is just fine...

anonymous anonymous

Haven’t hooked it up yet


this is hands down the best thing i have ever bought :D i did upgrade from a 400w HPS+MH to this LED so.......yeah lol and thank you very much growace for answering all my questions and helping so much in making me feel 100% comfortable w/ spending this much cash on a grow light :D :D :D


So I have an odd space I grow my veggies and herbs in, I am an organic farmer. I grow on a space that was an old work bench area. It is a longer work bench(about 5ft long) but only about 2ft wide. When I saw this light I knew it was meant to be! I just received it today and already have it set up, honestly this was exactly what I needed and was looking for! I have turned the panel on and I am very satisfied with the spectrum of colors it has and the fact I have options to choose from for the different stages of growth. This is a very neat LED light and I have high hopes for the future of my plants.

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