Greentree Hydroponics Multi Flow Analog Controller Module

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This is the Greentree Hydroponics Multi Flow Analog Controller Module for the Multi Flow system. Though this controller is designed for the Greentree Hydroponics Multi Flow 12 Bucket Hydroponic System, it is compatible with nearly any hydroponic setup you can think of.

This controller has a built in timer that controls watering times and flood duration. The controller is also equipped with water level sensors that maintain a steady watering height during the watering cycle.

The Hydroponics Multi Flow Analog Controller Module comes complete with two pumps, tubing, fittings, Water level controller, and step by step instructions.


  • Adjustable upper float switches for use with taller pots
  • 14" maximum flood depth
  • 3/4" connectors for increased water flow
  • New fail-safe circuit protects from electrical or mechanical failure.

Package includes:

  • 2x Water Pumps (1x Fill Pump, 1x Drain Pump)
  • All connectors needed for the 3/4" ports for Multi Flow pots,
  • Fill/drain tubes and pump fittings

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Scott Carmichael
Sold Equipment

I have used you products for a full year now with no problems. It has great adaptability very easy to use for the novice also. I have also found excellent customer service that stands behind their products. Thanks for the sale great time to get a spare just in case!

Norbert Hicks

Very,very happy

Bryon Banhart
Simplicity and functionality

Before i was using individual buckets and a drain to waste method, Switching over to Ebb & Flow was made easy with the Greentree Hydroponics Multi FLow Analog Controller. I'm a small home cultivator with no more than 12 plants in cycle at one time. This makes weekly nutrient change & maintenance a breeze!

Marcus Donohoe

So far works great

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