Grow1 Collapsible Reservoir - 105 Gallon

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Grow1 collapsible reservoir is a compact and flexible water storage tank with a 105-gallon capacity. It is easy to assemble and use. The water tank comes with five support legs for sturdiness, strong zip at the top for easy opening and closing of the reservoir lid, a collapsible design for easy storage and transportation, etc.

  • Made with Durable Material: It is formulated using long-lasting PVC material. It allows you to withstand bad weather damage easily.
  • Easy Cleaning, Storage, and Transportation: Grow1 collapsible reservoir has a collapsible design. It makes it easy to clean, store and move anywhere.
  • Fast Set-Up: No tools are required to assemble the water reservoir.
  • Zipped Up Top: You can zip up the top of this equipment once it gets filled.

Store water for your gardening needs using Grow1 collapsible reservoir. It helps growers to take away the hassle of transport and storage of equipment. Thanks to the collapsible design. This makes it a great replacement for space-consuming reservoirs.

To assemble this collapsible reservoir, no special tools are required. So, you can set up the tank right away in a few minutes.

What Does the Package Include?

  • Removable top straining screen

  • 3/4'' tap and valve fitting

  • 3/4'' fill fitting 

  • 3/4'' male connector


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-123105

  • Diameter: 29"

  • Height: 44"

  • Capacity: 105 Gallon

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