Grow1 Collapsible Reservoir - 13 Gallon

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Grow1 collapsible reservoir is a sturdy and portable water container idea for emergency water storage. Heavy-duty PVC construction adds superior durability and strength to the container. This foldable container allows you to pop up or pop down as per your needs. You need no tools to assemble the water tank.

  • Collapsible: This water reservoir is collapsible. It makes it compact and convenient for transporting and storage.
  • Long-Lasting: PCV builds the water reservoir strong, durable and prevents mold and mildew build-up inside it.
  • Simple to Use: This collapsible water container is easy to use due to its rigidity and wide opening.
  • Space Saver: It helps you to save space when full. It can fit in regions where solid water storage containers would not be able to rest.

Grow1 collapsible reservoir is a flexible water tank that has revolutionized water storage. It is made with Polyvinyl chloride material, so it resists mold, rough handling, and chemicals. Moreover, it takes a few minutes to set it up, and no specialized tools or training is required for assembly. 

Simply push the robust support legs, attach the feet carefully and insert the support ring in the reservoir. After that, link the tap at the base using screws and washers in the filter to ensure tightening. It also comes with a great water holding capacity - 13 gallons.

Best of all, you can collapse the reservoir effortlessly as per your needs. In addition, foldable space-saving design allows users to move the water storage container anywhere and clean it easily after use. 

You can keep the reservoir dry for multiple time usage. The flexible nature can easily fit in the area you have in an emergency and removes the need to fill the storage tank all the way. The zippered lid allows quick access to the tank as needed.

Besides this, this collapsible water reservoir is manufactured using PVC material, which is strong, durable, and resists mold/mildew growth inside the container. This collapsible water storage container is also easy to store when not in use.

The package includes a 3/4'' tap and valve fitting, pre-installed removable top straining screen, 3/4'' fill fitting, and 3/4'' male connector. If you are in an emergency and saving space is a priority, we recommend buying this durable collapsible vessel.


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-123013

  • Capacity: 13 Gallon

  •  Diameter: 15"

  • Height: 22"

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