Grow1 Deep Water Culture DWC 4 Bucket + Reservoir Complete Kit

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Grow1 Deep Water Culture 4 Bucket + Reservoir Complete Kit is designed to help all hydroponic growers grow plants without much effort and money. It can help you grow several plants of any size and type at a time. The water reservoir kit comes complete to ensure quick installation and maintenance.

  • Oxygen and Nutrient-Rich Solution: The system consists of a solution rich in oxygen and nutrients.
  • Quick Set-Up: This reservoir complete kit comes with everything you need. So, setting it up requires less time and effort.
  • Works for All Plants: It works for growing any type or size of plants imaginable.
  • Space-saving Design: This DWC system comes with a space-saving design. So, it easily fits inside a 4*4 feet grow tent or open area inside your office, garage, home, or basement.

This complete reservoir kit includes everything you require for a complete hydroponic system. It includes a air pump, clear tubing, two clay pebbles, four air stones, four plugs, two tube fitting, black tubing, clear tubing, and six grommets. All the parts are of premium quality and long-lasting.

This DWC system uses one big tank consisting of nutrient solutions. It is linked to numerous small reservoirs. A air pump and an air stone force oxygen and water via the system using tubing or hoses. The system is easy and fast to install and meant to last longer. 

In this Deep Water Culture system, the plant roots are fully immersed in nutrient-rich and highly oxidized water. So, the plants get a constant oxygen supply of oxygen and nutrients they need for complete growth. 

The grow medium could be – pellets, gravel, coconut coir, expanded clay, etc. The system is called “deep” because the water should be a minimum of 10-inches deep. Four buckets link to the water reservoir in the Recirculating Deep Water Culture.

The oxygenated solution passed via each plant before returning to the tank. Most suitable crops to grow in this DWC system include peppers, lettuces, basil, sorrel, chard, kales, etc. Furthermore, Grow1 Deep Water Culture 4 Bucket works indoors and outdoors both.


  • SKU/Model No: DL-908400

  • Manufacturer: Grow1

  • Size: 20 gallons

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Great DWC

Fits perfectly in a 4x4 tent. All fittings seal with no leaks. High quality, powerful air pump. Discrete packing.

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