Grow1 Deep Water Culture DWC 5 Gallon Complete Kit

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Grow1 Deep Water Culture DWC 5 Gallon Complete Kit is an easy-to-use hydroponic system to grow plants. The oxygen-rich solution helps plants to develop healthy root systems without the use of soil. The consistent use of the Grow 1 deep water culture system delivers superior plant growth and high yields.

  • Bucket Water System: The bucket system enables your plant roots to absorb the water steadily without the risk of rotting.
  • 5 Gallon Buckets: Every bucket can store 5 gallons of water, sufficient for a plant to the consumer for the entire day.
  • Water Pump: The water pump that comes in the kit supplies a controlled supply of water with the right pressure to fill the buckets for supply.
  • Nutrient-rich: the hydroponic system allows you to create a nutrient-rich medium that supplies enough oxygen for root development and plant growth.

The Grow 1 Deep water culture system lets you keep the roots of plants immersed in nutrient-rich water in the reservoir. The water is enriched with nutrients and oxygen to offer complete nutrition for the growth of your plants.

You can now build your own hydroponic system using the Grow1 deep water culture DWC 5-gallon complete kit. You can grow healthy plant roots by immersing the roots in mineral-rich water infused with oxygen. There is no need for large land or any expensive watering equipment when using the Grow1 deep water culture DWC 5 gallon kit for your plants.

The oxygen and nutrient-rich solution helps the roots develop faster and boosts the plant growth better than the soil mix used for plant growth. Grow1 deep water culture kit helps you achieve the best yields from your plants or vegetable garden.

The water pump controls water flow and provides the right pressure and volume of water required for the roots. It helps you boost the growth of your plants with minimum time and effort from your end. All you need is to use the Grow 1 deep water culture kit correctly as per the instructions given.

The system is super easy to use and increases the growth of your plants with little effort. It offers you everything yard owners require for a complete hydroponic growth system. This Grow1 DWC complete kit provides nutrients enriched with water and oxygen to your plants that help them grow fast and big in less time.


  • SKU/Model No: DL-908405

  • Brand: Grow1

  • Category: Hydroponic system

  • Accessories: Tubes and Tube fittings

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