Grower's Choice 1000W Masters Pursuit Series CMH All-In-One Horticulture Grow Light

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The horticulture new master pursuit is a 1000W fixture that uses full-spectrum light to cater to diverse plant needs. The soft-start technology increases the lamp life as it helps balance the electrical draw and ignites a single lamp at a time. The digital blasts function as a heat sink and help cool down the system without cooling fans.

  • AI Ignition Control:With automated multiple lamp applications, the integrated ignition control software helps balance the electrical draw by igniting a single lamp at one point in time.

  • Silent Functioning:The GC series does not include any noisy fans, allowing its smooth functioning while dissipating heat.

  • Full Circuit Protection: The system has sophisticated software that protects against under-voltage, over-voltage, faults, open circuit, short circuit, and over-temperature protection.

  • Automatic Frequency Adjustment:The GC ballast adjusts the output irrespective of the aging lamps and power fluctuations; thus, lamp flickering does not happen often.

The master pursuit line uses a horizontal case that supports a reflector design that covers an excellent canopy area. The grow light fixture does not include the bulb, so you have to purchase it separately. With the new design, the internal components of the system stay safe. The grow light comes with AI ignition control, making the use of GC series digital ballast easiest and safest.

The soft-start technology protects the lamp by stopping the current rush and preventing lamp overloading. Once you start the lamp, it takes about 3 seconds for the ignition. Even after ignition has taken place, there will be delays by 3 seconds delays. The lamp takes a matter of a few seconds to reach its full brightness.

With the GC series ballast, you can use all kinds of quality HPS, ceramic metal halide, and metal halide lamps. It is recommended that you must use the grower's choice of horticultural lamps.

The GC series allows you to adjust the output frequency to maintain a constant output of light irrespective of the aging lamps and power fluctuations.

You can expect upto 30% higher efficiency than the standard magnetic ballast as it produces more lumens of light with every watt of energy consumed. With time, the system's efficiency does not diminish and remains the same for the unit's entire lifetime.

The GC series ballast has a unique design that functions as a heatsink and allows its efficient functioning in the absence of any internal cooling fans. The entire ballast comes with RF shielding and has a total harmonic distortion of less than 10%, due to which it does not interfere with the radio and television equipment.


  • SKU/Model No.: GC-MP1000CMH

  • Rated Main Voltage: 208V-277V

  • Input Current: 5.1A 4.4A 3.8A 3.1A

  • Input Frequency:50/60 Hz

  • Power Factor>0.98

  • THD:<10%

  • Required Lamp Voltage: 110V ~ 140V

  • Illumination Surface: Indoor 5' X 5' , Greenhouse 8' X 8’

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