Grower's Choice 207W ROI-E200 LED Grow Light

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The ROI-E-200 is the latest addition to the ROI-E series. The grower emits a high-spectrum 4000K and versatile compact design, which is excellent for commercial cultivators and requires low profile lights that perform exceptionally well during different plantations' growth stages. It is highly preferred by hobbyists who are looking to cultivate gardens in places with limited space.

  • Even Light Distribution: The light is distributed equally over the grow light area, so all the plants get sufficient nutrition.

  • Fanless Design: In the absence of fans, the system functions efficiently without creating any disturbance.

  • 5-Year Warranty: The grow light comes with a warranty cover, so your investment gets warranty protection.

  • Dimming Function: The growlight allows you to adjust light and heat output with the 0-10v onboard dimming function. So you have complete control over the light output.

The growlight is a highly-efficient horticulture solution that supports a compact design and emits a 4000K spectrum, excellent for commercial cultivators. If you are looking for low-profile lights with excellent yield output, then grower’s choice ROI LED is a perfect choice. The fixture works exceptionally well for commercial cultivators.

The light output supports all the stages of plantations, from the seedling stage to flowering. So, if you are a hobbyist looking for an advanced horticulture solution, then grower’s choice ROI LED is the perfect choice for you.

The growlight has a fanless design which allows it easy functioning. Without the cooling fans, the system dissipates heat with the aluminum heatsink. Fanless designs last long and reduce power usage, thus reducing the energy bills massively.

The growlight withdraws 200W power and delivers 2.5 umol/j efficacy. Its light output is maintained at 500 umol/s. With the onboard dimming function, the energy output and power consumption are completely in your control. So, make the changes in the energy output and consumption as per your requirements.

With the 5-year warranty cover, buyers can stay completely confident with the purchase. The IP65 waterproof rating is an assurance that it will function smoothly.


  • SKU/Model No.: LED-GC-ROI-E200

  • 200W power draw

  • 2.5 umol/j efficacy

  • 500 umol/s total light output

  • 2'x4' veg coverage area

  • GC-4k

  • Onboard dimming function 0-10v

  • Compatible with Grower's Choice Master Lighting controller

  • Even light distribution

  • Fanless Design

  • IP65 Waterproof

  • UL8800, UL1598 and DLC certification

  • 5 Year warranty

What's included:

  • ROI-E200 Series LED System

  • 1’ Connecting Cable

  • 9ft 240V - M25 Plug

  • Information Page

  • 120/240 Adaptor

  • User Manual

  • Rope Ratchets

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