Grower's Choice 315W Single Ended CMH Horticulture Grow Light

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Grow Light Bulb: 120-240V 3K
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Grower’s choice 315-watt single ended ceramic metal halide fixture uses advanced low-frequency square-wave technology, which delivers the highest efficiency light. The grow light is supported by a ballast, which helps adjust the wattage by making adjustments in the dial. The GC series ballast delivers 30% higher energy compared to the standard magnetic ballasts.

  • Silent Operation: As the fixture does not include any cooling fans; therefore, it functions noiselessly.

  • Soft Start Technology: It saves the lamp from current overload and rush. When the ballast is started from cold, it takes approximately 3 seconds to re-ignite.

  • Lamp Compatibility: You can use all quality metal halide, ceramic metal halide, and quality HPS to match the GC series digital ballast.

  • RF Shielding: Its THD or the total harmonic distortion has been reported less than 10%, which means it won’t create any interference with the radio and television equipment.

With the GC-1000 and GC-315 ballast, you can use lamps of various wattages to operate in the same unit. You have to adjust the dial of the ballast to control the wattage. Every lamp at the ballast will be operated as per the setting and specifications which you provide. You will have to purchase the bulb separately as it is not included in the ballast.

You can turn up the dial in the GC series ballast and adjust the lamp's output as per the energy requirement. You will achieve maximum lamp performance and increase the output of the lumens by 10%.

The GC series digital ballast boasts AI ignition control, making the GC series digital ballast used in multiple lamp applications. Upon connecting multiple units to the main circuit, the ignition control safely balances the electric draw. It ignites one lamp at a time and helps prevent electric surges.

After a power failure, the GC series digital ballast uses a restrike system that prevents a hot lamp from re-striking. In case of detection of a hot lamp, the re-striking is delayed by an interval of 60 seconds, which allows the lamp to cool down sufficiently before re-igniting.

The ballast will automatically take care of the frequency output and maintain a constant output irrespective of the aging lamps and the power fluctuations. With the automatic frequency adjustment, the lamps do not flickr as often.

The GC series ballast is almost 30% more efficient than the standard magnetic ballast as it gives out more lumens per watt of consumed energy.


  • SKU/Model No.: GC-SE315CMH

  • Rated Main Voltage:120V 240V

  • Input Current: 2.9A 1.5A

  • Input Frequency: 50/60 Hz

  • Power Factor: >0.98

  • THD<10%

  • Required Lamp Voltage:110V +/- 20V

  • Ignition Voltage: 3KV-5KV

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