Grower's Choice 3K 500W Single Ended CMH Lamp

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The Grower’s Choice 500w CMH Lamps are suitable for use in all standard 500w CMH fixtures. Grower’s Choice 500w CMH Lamps use a proprietary phosphor coating on the outside of the arc tube to provide you with the richest spectrum on the market.

3K CMH: Grower’s Choice 3k-CMH lamp utilizes a full phase spectrum that is designed to be used in all stages of growth but optimized for bloom. With a Color Rendering Index of 90 the GC 3k spectrum is very close to natural sunlight but with modest blues, extra red and UV light to serve your plants photosynthetic needs during the flowering phase increasing yields and resin production.


  • For use in any standard 500W CMH fixture
  • Produces more PAR per watt than HPS
  • Richest spectrum flowering lamp on the market with a CRI of 90
  • Optimal for flowering but can be used for Veg as well
  • Promotes higher rate of metabolic activity and resin production through the use of UV and Far-red spectra


  • Color: 3100K
  • Type: SE-CMH
  • Wattage: 500W
  • Initial Par: 840 umol/s
  • CRI: 90
  • Hours: 15,000
  • Manufacturer: Grower's Choice

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