Grower's Choice 4K 630W Double Ended CMH Lamp

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Introducing the industry’s first Double Ended Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp. The Grower’s Choice DE CMH/LEC Lamp acts as a conversion Lamp for any Double Ended fixture, instantly converting it to a CMH/LEC fixture. Growers thinking about upgrading to CMH/LEC can simply use a Grower’s Choice CMH/LEC Lamp in their existing DE fixture. Grower’s Choice CMH/LEC Lamp offer a significant improvement in light output and spectral quality over traditional lighting sources.


  • Upgrades your standard DE fixture to an CMH/LEC fixture to instantly increase yield per watt
  • Produces more PAR per watt than standard Metal Halide
  • Richest spectrum on the market
  • CRI of 97 makes this lamp the closest solution to sunlight available
  • Promotes extremely tight internodal spacing, leading to more flowering sites and a fuller canopy
  • Offers significant improvement in spectral quality over standard Metal Halide


  • Color: 4200K
  • Type: DE-CMH
  • Wattage: 630W
  • Initial Par: 1150 umol/s
  • CRI: 97
  • Hours: 10,000
  • Manufacturer: Grower's Choice

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