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Grower’s Choice TSL PFS LED grow light is engineered for dense vertical commercial farming where every inch of indoor cultivation is important. With this light, you can save up to 60% of energy over five years. The lightweight design and compact size increase harvest space for higher quality yields.

  • Sunlike Full Spectrum Light: Incorporating Grower’s Choice 3K CMH Full Phase spectrum, best Top Bin diodes and 40W per fixture, this LED grow light offers superior growing power.

  • Energy Saving: It uses OSRAM LEDs that provide brighter and more efficient lighting for horticultural uses. These LEDs consume less power, offering energy savings.

  • Great Heat Dissipation: The housing is made of aluminum that has excellent heat dissipation. So no need for cooling fans and it runs quietly.

  • Wide Applications: It is recommended for commercial grows, tents, greenhouses and grow rooms.

  • Warranty & Return Policy: This light comes with a 3-year warranty, plus free return for 90 days.

Grower's Choice TSL PFS Series Horticultural LED grow light is perfect for plant seedling, flowering, growth and bearing fruit. Its ultra-lite and lightweight design makes it a great replacement for bulky T5 fluorescent lamps.

This light is an ultra-low profile (1.5") thin light. It includes an extraordinary power for the growth of the plants and is assembled with high-quality LEDs. The total output energy comes with a system efficiency of 2.5 μMol/J. You can save up to 60 percent more energy by using this LED ROI- E680 grow light. The lamp requires up to 60% less HVAC, cutting down your energy costs compared to HID.

The range of this full energy spectrum LED grow light is between 450 nm and 660 nm, which is helpful to restore all pigments and photoreceptors. The temperature is controlled between 3000 - 3300K. It is best suitable for Indoor environments. It offers you a safe atmosphere, and the reproduction process increases at the CRI level of 85.

This horticulture lighting is fully waterproof and comes with fanless design. The light is emitted equally to the entire area. It is compatible with most lighting controllers. The Company claims a three-year exchange warranty for this product.

The coverage of this LED light can differ from the projected levels, and it also depends on the surrounding temperature. IP65 Waterproof rating makes this LED grow light suitable for a wide range of grow environments, including hydroponics, commercial growing, greenhouse project, and many more.


  • Source of Light: Osram LED Light

  • Energy Spectrum: Full Phase GC-3K

  • Total PPF: 100 μMol/s

  • Max Input Power: 40 Watts

  • Max Efficiency: Up to 2.5 μMol/s

  • Product Dimensions: 1199x130x38 mm | 47.2x5. 1x1.5inches

  • Installation Height: 6” (15.2cm) Above the Canopy

  • Thermal Mode: Passive Management

  • Angle of Distribution: 120°

  • Total Lifetime L90: Below 54,000 hrs

  • Total Power: Up to 90 percent

  • Best Certification: IP65, ETL, CE

  • Company’s Warranty: 3 Full years

  • Max Operating temperature: Between -20°C to +45°C

  • Max Operating/input voltage: Between 100-277v AC

  • Weight of the Product: 15 lbs (up to 6.8kg)

  • Extra Features: IP65; ETL approved; CE certified; FCC

  • Best Suitable for: Grow rooms, Tents, Commercial grows Tents

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