Grower's Choice 730W GHS-730 LED Grow Light

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Grower's Choice 730W is a sleek-looking grow light used for commercial purposes. It delivers the highest light output with 730W of power usage. It does have a fan to keep it on 24/7 without creating any disturbance. The LED lights on this grow light are IP65 waterproof; they won't get ruined due to moisture.

  • 730W power draw: This grows light works on 730W electricity, ensuring that the Grower's Choice grows light owner does not have to pay heavy electricity bills.
  • IP65 Waterproof: The LED lights present on this LED light is IP65 waterproof which means that the grow light won't get ruined no matter what.
  • Noise-free design: There is no fan present in this grow light, so you can use it day and night without getting disturbed. 
  • 5-year warranty: This equipment comes with a 5-year warranty; if the grow light is damaged, you can get it repaired within the period.

Introducing the Grower's Choice 730W grow light. It gives incredible results in your hydroponic system and indoor farms. In indoor farms, the plants are not exposed to natural sunlight. To fulfill all the needs of the plants, the grow light works as artificial sunlight and provides the plants with plenty of energy.

When it comes to hydroponic systems, the only source of nourishment is water. Here the grow light is the only source of light. It provides the plants with the appropriate amount of light that helps them bear flowers and fruits. This LED light also ensures that the farmer gets high yielding output.

It runs on 730W power, saving you from paying a ton of electricity bills. The LED present on this grow light is IP65 waterproof which means no matter from which angle the moisture enters into the equipment, your grow light will remain in good condition. With a 54,000-hour lifespan, these LED bulbs won't give you any yearly burden of changing them.

The grow light comes with a passive cooling system that keeps it cool even after emitting heat for the whole day. The Grower's Choice grow light's length, width, and height is 45.5" x 5.2" x 4.4", which is appropriate for growing tents, rooms, or closets. In addition, it comes with a 5-year warranty so you can get it repaired if it gets damaged in the period. This money-saving equipment is suitable for commercial as well as personal use.


  • Model No./SKU: LED-GC-GHS-730

  • Wattage draw at the wall: 730 watts

  • HPS equivalent: 1200W+

  • LEDs: 54,000-hour lifespan until L90

  • Spectrum: GC-3K Full Phase; Full spectrum with 660nm deep red

  • PPF (light output): 1800 umol/s

  • PPF/Watt: 2.6 umol/j

  • Beam angle: 120°

  • Coverage area: 4' x 4' to 5' x 5'

  • Mounting height: Minimum 36" above canopy

  • Dimensions: 45.5” L x 5.2” W x 4.4” H

  • Cooling: Passive

  • Dimming: 0-10v

  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +45°C

  • Operating/input voltage: 110-277v AC

  • Plug: NEMA 5-15P 120V plug, NEMA 6-15P 240V plug adapter included

  • Amperage: 120V: 6.6A / 208V: 4.6A / 240V: 3.6A / 277V: 2.9A

  • Product weight: 28 lbs

  • Additional details: IP65; UL 8800, UL1598, DLC

  • Recommended for: Home grows, Commercial grows, Grow rooms, Tents

  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 5 years standard

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