GrowoniX EX400 High Flow Reverse Osmosis System

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Boost your garden growth and yield with EX400. It is the most efficient Reverse Osmosis device in the industry. It can help you generate 400 gallons of pure water daily with an incredible ratio of 2:1. This High Flow System is designed to reduce 99% of contaminants in water and allow you to control the dose of plant's nutrients correctly.

  • 400 Gallons Per Day System: This RO system can help you produce 400 gallons of purified water per day.
  • Auto Shut-Off Valve: It comes with an automatic shut-off valve to shut down the water supply to your reverse osmosis membrane with a float valve.
  • Effective Water Filtration: This filtration system is very effective in trapping contaminants from feed water, such as heavy metals, bacteria, hydrogen sulfide, iron, etc., to avoid deadly diseases.
  • Comes with a Manual Flush Valve: The water filter comes with a manual flush valve. It helps you flush the membrane element after every use and enhance membrane life.

If you are a gardener facing iron, chlorine, and bacteria problems, take advantage of EX400 to get clean water to ensure the best health for your plants.

Remember, the use of unfiltered water for gardening creates a huge risk. It impacts the long-term viability of your garden and those individuals who consume that produce. 

EX400 RO system uses the most efficient reverse osmosis water filtration technology in the world. It is effective in removing iron, bacteria, chlorine, and other contaminants from the feed water. It is rated for 8,000 gallons chloramine or chlorine reduction.

It comes equipped with a membrane flush kit that you can easily add to your RO unit to increase the life of the RO membrane. It can help you lower the membrane cleaning requirements. 

The manual flush valve prevents scaling or fouling of the reverse osmosis membrane by rapidly washing away all the impurities. In addition, a high-flow pleated sediment filter is easy to wash and reusable.

EX400 high flow RO system also comes with a stainless-steel water pressure gauge to help you monitor the water pressure in your RO unit.

Optional KDF85 Carbon Filter Upgrade

KDF85/Catalytic Carbon Filtration system is a must for the well water because it effectively removes chloramine, iron, chlorine, bacteria, and heavy metals. It contains bacteriostatic qualities that prevent the growth of microbes in the RO water filter.

What Does the Package Include?

This RO system comes with the following:

  • High Flow Cold Water membrane

  • 2:1 system ratio - The most efficient in the industry

  • Electrogalvanized powder coated steel brackets

  • Membrane flush kit

  • 2.5" stainless steel liquid filled gauges

  • One Eco Green Coconut Carbon filter rated for 8,000 gallons chlorine/chloramine reduction

  • High Flow pleated sediment filter

  • Auto Shutoff Valve

Accessories for GX400 System

  • Float Valve (VA-F-1438) 


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-GOEX400

  • Brand: GrowoniX

  • Color: White

  • Minimum NACL Rejection: 90%

  • Maximum Hardness: 15 gpg

  • Volts / Amps: Not Electric

  • Filter Size: Standard

  • Flow Rate: 400 GPD

  • GPD: 400

  • Normal Rejection (In %): 94%

  • Minimum Feed Pressure: 20 psi

  • Recovery (System Ratio 1:1): 33%

  • Length: 14

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Didn’t not come with booster pump like it says.

Not booster pump in box like it says it comes with one.

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