GrowoniX Catalytic Carbon Replacement Filter for XL-Scrub

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DL GOCF 4520 KDF is a high-quality catalytic replacement filter for Growonix EX 600 filter XL scrubber. It comes with bacteriostatic media to check the growth of microorganisms.

The filter is effective for the removal of chlorine, chloramines, and water-soluble metals from the water. It comes equipped with highly reactive carbon that is long-lasting as well.

  • Bacteria Control: The filter comes with bacteriostatic media for good control over microorganisms that works two ways – it filters the heavy particles and controls the growth of bacteria and viruses.
  • Multiple Uses- The dimensions of the GrowoniX Catalytic Carbon Replacement Filter is 4.5" x 20". It makes it suitable for various products made by Growonix.
  • Water Treatment:  It comes with a highly reactive catalytic carbon membrane that kills disease-causing bacteria. The filter can treat the well water effectively and kill the microorganisms in the water to make it suitable for drinking, bathing, and other water uses at home.
  • Protects Membrane: It protects the membrane of your reverse osmosis system and enhances its life by years. The filter itself is long-lasting, and it also protects other components of the RO system from damage due to contaminants.


The DL GOCF 4520 KDF replacement filter is compatible with:




  • and all the scrubbers of the EX1000-T series


  • Bacteriostatic media to help control the growth of microorganisms

  • Great for chlorine, water-soluble metals removal, scale, and chloramine

  • Highly reactive catalytic carbon

  • Extremely porous

  • Necessary for well water treatment

  • Protects RO Membrane

  • Long-lasting


  • SKU: DL-GOCF-4520-KDF

  • Brand: GrowoniX

  • Dimensions:  4.5" x 20"

Made for: GrowoniX EX600-4000-HFT XL scrubber, but compatible with many filters made by Growonix.

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