GrowoniX GX400 High Flow Reverse Osmosis System

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Get the purest water for your hydroponics gardening system with GX400. It is the most effective RO system available today that removes iron and other VOCs from water effectively. This ultra-high flow water membrane has a flow rate of 17 gallons per hour. It offers pure RO water with a 2:1 ratio and is great for city or well water.

  • High-Flow Rate: This sleek RO filter is built to flow 17 gallons per hour of pure reverse osmosis water.
  • Membrane Flush Valve: It is equipped with a manual flush valve that allows you to clean the membrane and eliminate the harmful pollutants out of the system effectively.
  • Auto Shut-Off Valve: This RO filter comes with an automatic shut-off using a faucet or float valve.
  • Electro Galvanized Steel Powder Coating: It has an electro-galvanized steel powder coating that offers excellent durability and corrosion resistance.

Get high water savings GX400 with GX400 High Flow Reverse Osmosis System designed to effectively eliminate hydrogen sulfide, iron, and other heavy metals from the water source. 

It uses a GX Series patented bracketing system, two-ring fittings, and a 2.5" liquid-filled stainless steel pressure gauge. It also has easy wall mounting and is built to last 2X the standard green carbon filtration systems.

This RO system has a flow rate of 400 gallons per day with a ratio of 2:1. Unlike conventional Reverse Osmosis Systems, it uses 50% less water. It comes with a manual flush valve for easy cleaning of the membrane. Doing this will help you extend the lifespan of the membrane.

One Eco Green coconut cartridge is rated for 8,000 gallons chlorine reduction. This RO system can be used with a booster pump that helps you to enhance the gallon per day output.

This high flow RO filter is made and tested in the United States with American-made tubing and fittings. Every component is housed in stainless steel powder-coated brackets made in LA, California. 

Chloramine removal in city water needs a KDF85/CAT carbon filter. It has a high flow pleated sediment filter, which is fully reusable and washable. The GX400 filter has a compact design, and all the components are located strategically for easy maintenance. 

Anti-bacteriostatic properties of GX400 prevent the build-up of microbes in the reverse osmosis filter. It comes with clear pre-filter housing that allows the user to watch out when it gets dirty. We recommend you change your filter when its color turns coconut brown.

What’s Included in the Package?

GX400 filter comes with a:

  • BP-1530 Booster Pump to increase the input feed water pressure (from 0 to 80 psi).


  • Dual High Flow Cold Water membrane elements

  • 2:1 system ratio - The most efficient in the industry

  • Electrogalvanized powder coated steel brackets.

  • Membrane flush kit

  • 2.5" stainless steel liquid filled gauges for highly accurate input monitoring

  • One Eco Green Coconut Carbon filter rated for 16,000 gallons for chlorine reduction. Chloramine removal requires a KDF85/CAT carbon filter.

  • High Flow pleated sediment filter, completely washable and reusable

  • Auto Shutoff Valve: for positive automatic shutoff when using a float valve

  • No additional pre-filters are needed.


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-GOGX400

  • Brand: GrowoniX

  • Item Weight: 12 pounds

  • Product Dimensions: 15*7*15 inches

  • Package Quantity: 1

  • System ratio: 2:1

  • Material: LDPE, polypropylene, steel, LDPE, and stainless steel

  • Minimum NACL Rejection: 90%

  • Maximum Hardness: 15 gpg

  • Electric: No

  • Filter Size: Standard

  • Flow Rate: 400 GPD

  • GPD: 400

  • Normal % Rejection: 94%

  • Minimum Feed Pressure: 20 psi

  • Recovery (System Ratio 1:1): 33%

  • Length: 11

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