GrowoniX High Rejection Membrane Replacement GXM-150-HR

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The GXM 150 HR is a hi-tech and precise replacement membrane made for advanced RO systems. It comes with a standard size filter and is suitable for GX150, GX200, GX300, GX400, EX400, EX400 - T, EX100, and EX200. Being a high rejection filter, it blocks the particles and contaminants effectively and delivers crystal clear water for drinking and garden use.

  • Membrane Flow Rate: The flow rate of the membrane is 150 GPD that is sufficient for filtering even the tiniest elements from water. 
  • 100% Pure Water: The high rejection property of the membrane rejects the sediments effectively and gives you pure water.
  • Cost-Benefit: As the product is made of high quality, it not only delivers high performance but also offers an attractive cost-benefit to users. The membrane can filter up to 10000 liters of water before replacement.
  • Pressure up to 80psi: GXM 150 HR works at an operating pressure up to 80psi. Users can also enhance the pressure by using a booster pump with a filter that you don’t need to do in standard conditions.

Growonix is a reputed brand in the world of water filters and accessories. It manufactures high-flow cold water membranes that can filter 1000 gallons of water per day. Most replacement membranes like GXM-150-HR are compatible to use on multiple Growonix filters. 


The membrane is compatible to use with Growonix:

  • GX150
  • GX200
  • GX300
  • GX400
  • EX400
  • EX400 - T
  • EX100
  • EX200 

Users with any of these filters can buy the GXM 150 HR replacement membrane.


  • American made hand-rolled

  • High flow rate and contaminant rejection

  • A must for cold water sources

  • Low energy design


  • SKU: GXM-150-HR

  • Brand: GrowoniX

  • Package Dimensions: 2 x 12 inches 

  • Weight: 1lb

  • Membrane Flow Rate: 150

  • Filter Size: Standard

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