GrowoniX XL-Scrubber - 7GPM


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If you seek a powerful solution to remove harmful bacteria, residual impurities, and dust from your drinking water, buy GrowoniX XL-Scrubber today. It has an aesthetic design because it is wall-mountable and highly effective. The XL-SCRUB has an ultra-low pressure drop and 34,000-gallon capacity, which is great for filtering well or city waters. 

  • Better Filter Capacity: The GX Scrubber can filter up to 8000 gallons of water before changing filters, based on 2 gallons per minute with 1ppm of chlorine. 
  • Sediment Filter: It is equipped with a multi-staged depth filter utilizing separate layers of micron filtration. It offers excellent dirt holding capacity at an affordable cost. 
  • Eco Coconut Carbon Filter: GrowoniX XL-Scrubber has an ultra-high purity coconut shell activated carbon filter. It offers superior chemical absorption and turbidity reduction. 
  • High Purification Capacity: This scrubber is upgraded with a UV filter to remove 99.9% of microorganisms. You can ensure that you get purified water with a flow rate of 7 GPM/420 GPH!

The GrowoniX XL-Scrubber is a great option for whole-house filtration, farms, homes, industry, and more. It has a wall-mounted design that easily suits domestic purposes.

Plus, the XL Scrubber comes with a pair of stainless-steel liquid-filled pressure gauges that inform you when you need to change the filter. 

It is also equipped with EZ Hookup Kit and a Brass Garden hose connection. EX Scrub eliminates 95% of the chlorine in the water and 90% of the sediments. 

The GX Scrubber does not lower the parts per million or “ppm.” Moreover, bacteriostatic qualities do not allow microbes to breed in a filter. 

The XL Scrubber can be upgraded with a UV filter to remove 99.9% of microorganisms. It is especially important for well-water use, which is often imbued with bacteria and other unhealthy germs.

Whether you are a hydroponics hobbyist or a large-scale gardener, GrowoniX XL-Scrubber is the best solution for your drinking water.



  • Brand: GrowoniX

  • Volts / Amps: Not Electric

  • Filter Size: Tall

  • Flow Rate: 7GPM

  • Weight: 1 pound

  • Minimum NACL Rejection: 0%

  • Normal Rejection Rate (in %) - 0%

  • Minimum Feed Pressure: 1 psi

  • Recommended Feed Pressure: 1 to 80 psi

  • Recovery (System Ratio 1:1): 0%

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