Horizon Lift Model 120 LED and HID Light Lift

DL WholesaleSKU: DL-980120

Power Source: 110V

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The Horizon light lift helps adjust HID and LED grow lights up to 100 lifts in one go with the Horizon light lift app, which is available on iOS and Android. Plus, it helps maintain leaf surface temperature from 14 degrees to 104 degrees F, making it a compatible device for over benches, vertical racks, low rooms, etc. 

  • Light Penetration: The LED and HID light lift helps hang light on preferable height as per requirement and penetrate light above plant canopy evenly while maintaining required temperature for leaf surface. 
  • Horizon Lift App: Not only manual, but you can control the  light lift with its dedicated application - Horizon lift app, which helps lift canopy up to 100 lifts in seconds.
  • Improved efficiency: Adjusting lights by hand requires labor, risks safety, and is time-consuming. But using Horizon light lift can eliminate labor expense, save time, and can be operated through the application
  • Adjustable height with full-spectrum output: Although you can increase or decrease the height of your lights, it automatically adjusts the temperature as per height and requirement and exhibits full spectrum light output. 

Introducing Horizon Lift, Model 120 LED, and HID Light Lift, an adjustable device that allows the light to adjust its height on a lower or lifted level according to the requirement. The light lift offers manual and digital working, which means you can operate and lift lights up to 100 lifts at once by using dedicated applications. The Horizon lift app is available on both iOS and Android. In addition, as lights are equipped with sensors, you can easily maintain the leaf surface temperature from 14 degrees to 104 degrees F. 

Horizon light lifts are considered economical devices, as they help reduce energy costs by eliminating the requirement for high bay lighting. Plus, it consumes input voltage from 120V to 277V, with an input power - 720 watts. Moreover, these light lifts penetrate light evenly and help LED or HID light work better for crops. In addition, these lights reduce labor costs and help eliminate the requirement of ladders or manual lift adjustments, which make it compatible for vertical racks, low rooms, over benches, and other hobby or commercial markets. 

These light lifters help cover the canopy with mounting height - 6’’ above plant canopy and utilize maximum usable LED or HID light. Lower operating temperature, multi-watt options, and lower amp draw help motivate gardeners to level up their gardening skills. Plus, these Horizon light lifts are compatible with B-lite BLMC (270500) master controllers that offer various dimming settings or cycling and help grow plants with high efficacy, high quality, and high productivity. 


  • SKU/Model: DL-980120

  • Input voltage: 120-227V

  • Actual input power: 720 watts. 

  • High efficacy: 2.7 umol/J

  • High PPF output: 1940 umol/s

  • PF: 0.98

  • CRI: RA90

  • Operational temperature: 14-104F

  • Mounting height: 6” above the plant canopy

  • Power source: Plug & use 

  • Compatible for: vertical racks, over benches, low room, and other hobby or commercial markets

  • Compatible with: LID, HID lights, and B-lite BLMC (270500) master controller 

  • Light source: High performance LED chips

  • It can be operated through the application

  • Waterproof & unique heat dissipation

  • Full-spectrum light output 

  • Application available or iOS & Android

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