Horti-Control Dust Shroom HEPA

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Horti dust-control shroom HEPA are a foam HEPA filter that helps remove unwanted pollutants, pests, dust, mold, trap 99.9 % bacteria, 0.1 microns, and even bacteria from indoor gardens and keep your space kid-friendly. It also helps trap 99.9 % bacteria particles, 0.1 microns, and pollen at bay. 


  • Pollution prevention with Foam and UNI filter: Foam filters are mostly used to prevent pollution from air-cooled reflectors, inline fans, mold, etc. whereas, UNI filters help prevent bacterial particles from light trucks, motorcycles, and small engines. 
  • Warranty cover: Dust shroom HEPA comes with a 5-year manufacturing warranty and a promise of efficient output for more than 5 years. 
  • Keep garden bacteria-free: Horti dust-control shroom HEPA prevents mold, dust, bugs, and bacteria from your indoor gardens and helps keep the backyard pleasant for kids. 
  • Offers optimum usage: These filters are manufactured so that they are easy to wash and reusable. As they come pre-oiled, you are not required to maintain them regularly. 

Introducing Horti dust-control shroom HEPA - a reusable foam HEPA filter that helps prevent unpleasant pollutants & pests and keeps homes, indoor gardens, and air-cooled reflectors clean. Moreover, it helps keep bugs, dust, mold, and even bacteria out of the gardening area and leave behind a pleasant atmosphere. 

Horti-Control Dust Shroom HEPA is made easy, has easy installation, and comes with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty, along with the promise of effective output beyond the standard warranty. In addition, these dust shrooms are available in standard dimensions - length - 7.9, height - 17.4, and width 16.6, which perfectly fits in your standard-sized indoor garden.

Usually, these Horti-Control are teamed up with foam filter design to create a suitable filter for indoor gardeners. And keep your air-cooled reflectors, ice boxes, inline fans, and ducting dust-free and mold - mildew - pests and bacteria-free. In addition, Horti-Control is teamed up with a UNI filter with foam filter design for light trucks, autos, motorcycles, and small engines to keep pollutants away from indoor gardens. 

The dust shroom mostly traps 99.9% bacteria particles, 0.1 microns, and higher with zero CFM loss (according to measurement on Can-Fan H.O inline fans). So it helps keep outdoor gardens pleasant for adults and kids as well. In addition, each specific dust shroom model is designed with optimum airflow, and it helps keep the atmosphere clean and pollution-free. Plus, it comes pre-oiled, so it does not require frequent oiling for any maintenance, making it an optimized and foldable device for your outdoor gardens. 


  • SKU/Model: DL-204004

  • Dimensions: length - 7.9, height - 17.4, and width 16.6

  • Weight: 1.75 lbs

  • Comes pre-oiled 

  • Filter all debris down to 0.1 microns 

  • Washable and reusable 

  • Engineered and built by UNI filter

  • Zero CFM loss

  • Installs in seconds 

  • 5-year manufacturers warranty

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