Horticulture Lighting Group 250 Veg Pro LED Grow Light

Horticulture Lighting GroupSKU: LED-HLG-250VP-120-MK

Power Cord: Nema 5-15P 120V
Dimming: Manual Knob
Sale price$429


The Horticulture Lighting Group 250 Veg Pro LED Grow Light is particularly developed for indoor vegetable growing. The low-profile rectangular design from Horticulture Lighting Group provides an increased light spread at only 12" from the canopy, making it perfect for vegging in vertical racks by optimizing the available height for plant development. This full spectrum white and deep red spectrum LED light promotes plant development for a bumper crop. The HLG 250 Veg Pro is powered by two QB288 Quantum Boards® with a wide blue spectrum.

  • High Performance Full Spectrum: This Horticulture Lighting Group 250 Veg Pro's full spectrum LED grow light is designed with white, 660nm red and blue LEDs to give the benefits of natural sunshine that your plants require at various stages of growth.  It is supplemented with sophisticated red lamp beads (660 nm) that promote seed development, photosynthesis, and flowering or fruit production. It is incredibly inexpensive and produces minimal heat!

  • 35" Wide Design For Even Light Coverage: Horticulture Lighting Group 250 Veg Pro LED Grow Light is ideal for attracting attention like no other lighting fixture, with distinctive designs and bright illumination for a touch that is guaranteed to improve any room.   This item, which features six candle-style lights affixed to curved arms, is an unobtrusive choice for a classic look in any ensemble. This luminaire may take six 40-watt candelabra lights; however, none is provided. This generously proportioned LED grow light works well in more significant areas such as living and formal dining rooms.

  • Easy Installation: The Horticulture Lighting Group 250 Veg Pro LED Grow Light is plug-and-play and can be paired with up to 4 more units using the included 5FT power wire. The fixture may be surface-mounted or suspended using 2 ft hanging cords (included in the package). These lights may be used in most interior spaces, including shelving units, kitchen cabinets, grow tents, garages, and basements!

  • Reliable Passive-Cooled Design: This professionally designed Horticulture Lighting Group 250 Veg Pro LED Grow Light is certified by UL 8800, UL 1598, CSA, and DLC and has a 5-year limited warranty. It is rated for use in humid indoor environments. The sleek design has a lightweight enclosure that reduces dust accumulation. It is rated to last for 30,000 hours Complete satisfaction is guaranteed!

You need the Horticulture Light Group 250 Veg Pro LED Grow Light if you're seeking an energy-efficient, high-quality option for your grow room's lighting demands. This grow light is ideal for grow rooms, home-grow, and any other sort of indoor growth. It also works well in grow tents. With its passive cooling design and amazing light penetration, this full spectrum LED grow light is ideal for 4' by 4' grow tents.

The Veg Pro LED Grow Light uses six full-spectrum QB 200 Quantum Boards to evenly spread light 20 inches from the canopy. Building an indoor garden has never been easier! Grow your own organic lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries, herbs, thyme, rosemary, basil, mint, sage, peppers, perennials, garlic, and hemp, among other things!

Other Features Include:

  • 35" wide design for even light coverage

  • Powered with high efficiency Quantum Boards® for 2.7 PPF/W

  • 600 PPF high output

  • Full spectrum white, 660nm red and blue LEDs

  • Reliable passive-cooled design

  • Better canopy light penetration with diffused light

  • 40 to 240 Watts dimming design

  • Auto sensing Inventronics power supply works on 120VAC, 240VAC, and 277VAC

  • 5 Year Warranty


  • Power 40-240 Watts

  • Voltage Range 120-277 VAC 50-60Hz

  • LED Full Spectrum White,  Deep Red & Blue

  • Veg Footprint 2' x 4', 5' x 5' at 12”

  • System PPF Efficacy 2.7 μmol/joule

  • Total output 600 PPF

  • Dimensions 34.5" x 10" x 2.75"

  • Recommended Mounting Height 15" - 24" above canopy

  • Certifications UL 8800, UL 1598, CSA,DLC


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