Horticulture Lighting Group 633W 700 Rspec FR LED Grow Light

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Dimming: RJ 0-10V with Manual Knob
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The Horticulture Lighting Group 633W 700 Rspec FR LED Grow Light is a white full spectrum LED grow light that provides excellent performance at a low cost. Even at lower altitudes of the canopy, it is possible to get higher yields of higher quality thanks to its embedded reflectors, which enhance the distribution of photons to your plants. This lamp has a photon effectiveness of 2.5 micromoles per joule and an output of more than 1585 PPF.

  • Full Spectrum White Light with a Far-Red of 730 nm and a Deep Red of 660 nm;  Your plants will get the highest quality light thanks to your investment in the HLG 700 Rspec FR full spectrum white. It also has a red spectrum that helps your plants grow better.

  • Power Supply with Dimmability: This grow light from HLG, unlike the products of many other manufacturers of grow lights, comes with a power source that can be dimmed. Because of this function, you have complete control over the quantity of light that is sent to your plants.: As a result, you can give your plants a rest by limiting the length of time they are subjected to intense artificial light during certain phases of their growth. Your harvesting will be both more efficient and of greater quality if you do it this way.

  • Crafted With Passive Cooling in Mind: The internal components of the HLG 700 Rspec FR are kept at a comfortable temperature thanks to a passive cooling system that relies on convection. This is an essential quality for any LED grow light to possess since it ensures that the grow light will not overheat even when it is operating at its maximum capacity.

  • Warranty for Three Years: HLG is so confident in the quality of the 700 Rspec FR that they are willing to provide a guarantee good for three years. This suggests that they stand behind their items and will assist you in the event that you have any issues with them.

The Horticulture Lighting Group 633W 700 Rspec FR LED Grow Light is made for both home and business growers who want a high-performance lamp that doesn't cost much. It's perfect for 4x4 or 5x5 coverage in grow tents, flood tables, and rolling benches because it can be dimmed. This lamp is powered by four QB272 Quantum Boards® and has both far-red (730 nm) and deep-red (660 nm) spectrums.

Integrated reflectors make it easier for photons to get to the plants, which leads to better yields even at the lower levels of the canopy. This lamp has a photon efficacy of 2.5 mol/J and puts out more than 1585 PPF.


  • LED  Full Spectrum White & and FAR-RED

  • PPF 1585 PPF

  • Efficacy  2.50 μmol/joule

  • Voltage Range   120VAC - 277VAC : 50/60 Hz

  • Power  633 Watts

  • Flowering Footprint 5' x 5' /  24"

  • Recommended mounting height above canopy 24” Flowering

  • Thermal Management Passive-Cooled Design

  • Max Ambient Temperature 40C (104F)

  • Dimming Options  0-10V Dimmable, RJ12, Wireless

  • Dimensions  37.5" x 27.125" x 3.75"

  • Certifications   UL 8800, CSA

  • Warranty   3 Years*

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