Horticulture Lighting Group HLG 30 UVA Supplement LED Bar Light

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The perfect way to add beneficial UVA light to any HLG 550 or HLG 600H LED grow light!. The HLG 30-watt UVA LED bar light contains 365nm + 385nm UV-A which increases your plant yields and makes your plants resistant to fungal infections. UVA light is proven to trigger increased resin production during the final stages of plant growth. This waterproof plant light can withstand humid and wet environments. The passive cool design of the light makes it energy-efficient and cuts down your electricity costs.

  • Advanced UV Light Delivers Better Yield: UVA and near-ultraviolet light (365-385nm) are very beneficial for plant development. Scientifically proven to increase resin production in plants.

  • Reliable Passive Cool Design: It comes with passively cooled LED bars that provide even light intensity across the whole canopy while keeping the noise down.

  • Wide Applications:This plant grow light is suitable for both hydroponics and indoor plants, mainly used for micro-greens and small plants.

  • Easy Set-Up: The fixture comes with an easy and quick bolt-on installation. With good heat dissipation and a sturdy body, it’s a durable and long-lasting LED grow light.

HLG 30 UVA Supplement LED bar light is a waterproof plant light that is designed for a 12-hour plant growth cycle. It contains the UVA range between 365nm and 385nm. UVA promotes the overall growth of your plants and is ideal specially for the seedling and sterilization of the plants. It also increases the plants’ resistance to insects, bacteria, and fungus.

This LED plant light is designed to evenly cover a 4x4 or 5x5 space. With the passive cool mechanism of this HLG light combined with the most power-efficient LEDs, this light gets you an amazing yield while lowering your electricity bills.

This lightweight, 24 inches long LED bar light comes with a built-in power supply. The waterproof body makes this light suitable to be used in all environmental conditions.

Installation instructions: The light features bolt-on installation for any HLG 550 or HLG-600H DIY kit. Install hanger clips on the HLG 550 or HLG-600H DIY kit using the power supply screws. Insert the UVA bar into the hanger clips and ensure it is secure.

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  • SKU/Model: HLG-30-LAMP-UVA-240V

  • Weight (lb.): 5

  • Length (in.): 24

  • Width (in.): 1

  • Height (in.): 1

  • LED Light Spectrum: UV spectrum

  • LED Fixture Type: Bar

  • Exact Watts: 30 Watts

  • Voltage: 120 Volts

  • Coverage area: 4x4 or 5x5


  • 1 x HLG 30 UVA supplement bar
  • 2 hangers
  • Power cord


Install hanger clips on the HLG 550 or HLG-600H DIY kit using the power supply screws:

Insert the UVA bar into the hanger clips and ensure it is secure:

Customer Reviews

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Jason Igroweed
Uva hlg lighting review

Product ordering went smooth. The delivery was great , speedy and fully intact. Thanks agian Growace....

Robert Williams
Hlg650r +uva supplement lights

Hlg650r is great and delivery was quick everything went perfect
Haven’t used HLG supplement bar light yet but I’m sure it’s great.
Only thing is I didn’t recieved 10 gallon fabric pots yet. I sent info by text yesterday.
Email ,order# ,and purchace date.
Thank you for your help

reggi kaganak
Hlg 650r & Hlg 30 uva bar lights

Wear the shades that came with them when your under these powerful lights that will boom boom any plants! They look and feel like astronauts made them...Brilliant Einstein's in the lab! lol Thank You for caring n sharing your lights that gets the job done in punctuality in the products that it produces in quality and quantities.

Christopher Waters

Outstanding Notice the difference the next day I want to defoliate in my hands were super oily

David Velte

I installed it onto my 600 rsvp horticulture light, (my plants where starting too flower, but after I installed it two days later, I could notice a Big difference.

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