Horticulture Lighting Group 700W Scorpion Rspec Far Red LED Grow Light

Horticulture Lighting GroupSKU: LED-HLG-SCRP-FR-120-MK

Power Cord: Nema 5-15P 120V
Dimming: Manual Knob
Sale price$1,099


The Horticulture Lighting Group Scorpion Rspec Far Red LED Grow Light is suitable for growing in areas with low ceilings or on vertical racks. HLG's new Scorpion® Rspec® FR features six QB272 Quantum Boards® to provide an equal light distribution at only 18" from the canopy. With a new far-red spectrum, this exceptionally efficient full-spectrum horticulture light offers 2.8 micromoles per joule. This unit may be dimmed and has a wattage output range of 160 to 700 watts.

  • Perfect Full Spectrum Light For All Stages Of Growth: The Horticulture Lighting Group Scorpion Rspec Far Red LED Grow Light's 3500K light has lots of blue light for veg and tons of red and orange light to help the plants maximize yields during flowering. The extra 660 nm deep red diodes give a huge boost to the flowering process, which means bigger yields and more potency.  The 3500K full spectrum white light plus the 660 nm deep red boosts plant yield during bloom.

  • High Efficiency White Light Quantum Boards: The Horticulture Lighting Group Scorpion Rspec Far Red LED Grow Light is designed with custom high efficient QB 272 Quantum boards to deliver a 1964 PPF with a highly efficient 2.8 umol/j (this is why you get 1000w of HID equivalent light while using only 700w).  Additionally, the HGL Scorpion RSpec only consumes 700 watts but gives you the output of a 1000 watt HID system or LED lights that consume 700 to 800 watts with a much more even light spread.

  • Passive-Cooled Design That Is Dependable: The grow light is made to control how much heat goes in and out of your indoor garden to make it more comfortable without using much or any energy. This technology works by either preventing heat gain or letting heat out of the building (natural cooling).

  • Better Canopy Light Penetration With Diffused Light: The HLG Scorpion Rspec Far Red LED Grow Light comes diffuse light penetrates deeper into the canopy; as a result, lower-positioned leaves receive more light intensity on average, resulting in higher total nitrogen and chlorophyll content in the canopy and, as a result, greater leaf photosynthetic capability in the lower part of the canopy.

The HGL Scorpion RSpec LED grow light is a great replacement for that 1000-watt HID light that uses a lot of energy and makes a lot of heat, especially in grow rooms with low ceilings.With HGL, you get improved yields and significantly reduce your monthly operational expenses. HLG Scorpion RSpec Far Red can now be used with HLG's new Grow Flux Access Point Technology to control the amount of light and when it comes on.

Choose the GrowFlux option that is built into the light fixture and buy the Access Point separately to control your plant's growth. The Grow Flux system lets you control up to 200 lights from a single point of access and set up many different zones and schedules.

Other Important Features Include:

  • Designed for low ceiling heights or vertical racks

  • High efficiency white light Quantum Boards®

  • Full Spectrum White and Far-Red

  • Reliable passive-cooled design

  • Better canopy light penetration with diffused light

  • Dimmable power supply included

  • Auto sensing Inventronics power supply works on both 120VAC and 240VAC and 277VAC

  • 5 Year warranty


  • Power 160-700 Watts

  • Voltage Range 120-277 VAC 50-60Hz


  • Flowering Footprint 5' x 5' at 18"

  • Veg Footprint 6' x 6' at 24”

  • System PPF Efficacy 2.81 μmol/joule

  • Total output 1964 PPF

  • Dimensions 38.5" x 36" x 2.75"

  • Recommended Mounting Height 12-18 inches above canopy

  • Certifications UL 8800, UL 1598, CSA

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