Hydrologic ARCS Austomated Reclaimed Condensate System

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Purify and reclaim condensate water that goes down the drain from your HVAC system with ARCS Automated Reclaimed Condensate System. It is built to treat condensate run-off water without producing any wastewater. The water you get from it is ultra-low PPM, PH balanced, and free of harmful contaminants, bacteria, and viruses. 

  • Water Reclamation: ARCS utilizes the most advanced water-saving technology to lower water demand by reclaiming HVAC condensate run-off.
  • Perfectly Balanced Product Water: The product water is free of pathogens and other deadly contaminants. You will get ultra-pure, and Ph balanced water.
  • Easy Installation: ARCS system has an easy installation. It consists of a 4-stage UV Sterilizer that you can mount to the wall or put on the floor using a high-quality stand.
  • Multiple Applications: Its uses include dehumidifiers, air conditioners, horticulture, or any other application that require pure water.

One of the easy ways to reclaim facility-produced wastewater is HVAC condensate run-off. However, it is essential to treat it because of the biological contaminants. The ARCS system by Hydrologic is designed to eliminate dust, bacteria, heavy metals, suspended solids, residual oil from HVAC components, and other contaminants from the wastewater, which is important for the optimal growth of plants.

It can help you purify up to 2880 gallons per day of HVAC wastewater and cut yearly waste use up to 50%. In the end, you can send the pure product water back to your irrigation system.

So, the Hydrologic ARCS system is perfect for those looking for wastewater management from the HVAC system. Re-using the wastewater helps you to bring minimal discharge to the earth.

Avoid using condensate water without proper treatment. This ARCS system comes with a one year warranty against the manufacturer's defects. Make sure you replace your housing after every three years.

ARCS 4-Stage System

  • Stage 1: Sediment Cartridge: It helps you replace the cartridge after every 5,000-gallon use. If you find the condensate water dirty, you need replacement more often. It's good to replace the sediment cartridge every six months.
  • Stage 2: Heavy Metal Reduction Cartridge: we recommend you replace it after every 10,000 gallons used.
  • Stage 3: pH Neutralizing / Remineralizing Cartridge: replace this remineralizing cartridge every 10,000 gallons.
  • Stage 4: UV Sterilizer: UV sterilizer consists of a UV bulb that lasts up to one year. Follow the instructional manual for quick replacement.

Take the next step towards zero waste with Automated Reclaimed Condensate System.

What Does the Package Include?

The package comes with:

  • A 4-stage filter 

  • Sump basin/pump kit

  • UK Kit

  • 5 feet white inlet line

  • Filter wrench 

  • 5 feet blue production line

  • Instructional manual

It also comes in two boxes:

  • Size 32" x 26" x 13" (76 lbs)

  • Size 7" x 13" x 7" (6 lbs)


  • SKU/Model No.: HF-HL11670

  • Brand: Hydrologic

  • Gallons Per Day: 2,880 GPD

  • Inlet Tubing Size: ½ inches

  • Product Tubing Size: 3/8 inches

  • Weight: 76 lbs

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