Hydrologic Big Boy UV Sterilizer Kit

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Hydrologic UV Sterilizer Kit is a great equipment for indoor gardeners. It is highly effective in eliminating disease-causing viruses, pathogens, cysts, and bacteria in the water. It is compatible with the Big Boy system and other Hydrologic RO water filters with 8 gallons per minute flow rate. You can use this ultraviolet sterilizer kit for surface or well water.

  • 360-Degree Coverage: This UV sterilizer uses a UV lamp that provides 360-degree coverage and kills pathogens from every angle.
  • Eco-Friendly: It uses no chemicals and creates no by-products. So, there is no chance that it will pollute the environment and endanger human health.
  • Saves Energy: Big boy sterilizer uses energy-efficient UV radiation that takes just a fraction of power compared to other water disinfection systems.
  • Portable: It can be quickly installed in any room and is ready to use as required. So, you can get clean and healthy water almost instantly.

Ultraviolet light has been used for disinfection and sterilization as early as the mid-twentieth century. Get the purest form of water for your garden or home with a Hydrologic UV Sterilizer Kit. It has a capacity of 8 GPM.

This sterilizer kit comes with all the equipment you need for complete water disinfection. The sterilizer uses a special UV bulb that emits the right amount of ultraviolet light to kill harmful bacteria and other microbes present in water. 

Ultraviolet light is highly effective in damaging the DNA/RNA of viruses and DNA of bacteria. As a result, it prevents these micro-organisms from reproducing in the water. So, when they cannot multiply, they no longer cause infections.

The sterilizer provides instant disinfection because there are no contact tanks such as chlorine. Also, there is no deadly chemical left behind when the sterilizer is used. Therefore, it does not change the chemistry of water and its constituents like color, smell, PH, taste, etc. 

There is also no effect on the smell or taste of water. With the UV water purification system, there is also minimal damage to the pipes. It needs a 110-volt power supply to work.

It has an easy installation. You can easily use the UV sterilizer with your RO water filters. Make sure you follow the direction provided by the manufacturer. Proper maintenance of your UV sterilizer is also essential. Stainless steel housing makes it strong and durable.

Since the UV lamp used in the UV sterilizer is replaceable, make sure you replace your UV bulb after six months of continuous use. Clean your quartz sleeve monthly.


  • 100% removal of bacteria, viruses, cysts, and pathogens

  • Easy installation

  • Made using stainless steel

  • 8 Gallons per minute flow rate

  • Great for use with small home and light commercial reverse osmosis systems

What Does the Package Include?

The package comes with the following essentials:

  • 1x UV sterilizer

  • 1x stainless steel sterilizer housing

  • 1x Mounting kit

  • 1x 110-volt power supply


  • SKU/Model No.: HF-HL35005

  • Brand: Hydrologic

  • Weight: 7.5 lbs

  • Dimensions: 32 × 8 × 4 in

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