Iluminar 18W Clone 2-Pack LED Grow Light

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Healthy cloning takes a lot of effort from the horticulturist as it requires high temperature maintenance and efficient heat. Therefore, the Iluminar 18W 2-pack LED grow light is the perfect piece for your coning tent. It contains two energy-efficient LED bars with 18W power consumption each. In addition, the LED bars give out a 9000W spectrum tailored to promote quick rooting.

  • Long Lifespan: You can rest assured with the Iluminar 18W Clone 2-pack LED grow light as its LED bar has a lifespan of 54000+ hours. It is commissioned to perform efficiently in wet environments also. 
  • Multilevel Cloning: This grow light is fit for use in multilevel cloning with the full spectrum range of 9000W. The minimum recommended hanging height is 10-12”.
  • Warranty: The product is designed to work efficiently in tough cultivation environments; therefore, it is built with durable material. However, if any issues arise, you can claim it under the 5-Year warranty provided by the manufacturer. 
  • Energy Conservation: The twin LED bars together use 33% energy to produce a 9000W spectrum compared to similar high-output T5 fluorescent tubes.

The Iluminar grow light is specifically designed to promote healthy and rapid cloning. It comes with two LED bars of 18w each that give out a 9000W spectrum. Each LED bar can illuminate two full sized propagators, which means that one LED bar is enough to promote high-quality cloning.

The LED bars use 33% energy required to produce a 9000W spectrum by similar high-quality T5 fluorescent tubes. As a result, it helps conserve energy and reduces your energy bill. Whether you clone at a small scale or large scale, you will save bucks on your energy bill. In addition, you can complete multiple cloning seasons with these LED grow lights, as each bar has a lifespan of more than 54000 hours.

The 9000W spectrum is designed to promote rapid cloning, increase rooting speed and increase the early growth in stem cutting and seedlings. In addition, the multi-color spectrum helps in better photosynthesis and prevents disease development. Moreover, it is recommended to use the grow light for multilevel cloning as it works efficiently. The recommended height for handling the grow light is 10-12” in multilevel cloning. Otherwise, you can consider mounting the light at 6” and above based on the plant growth stage.

Further, you do not have to bother installing the product in wet environments because it is IP66 rated for efficient working in a wet atmosphere. In addition, the product comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty. The company will cover any damages and issues in the grow light as per the warranty guidelines. Finally, it fits perfectly in a 4’ cloning tent and comes with a power cord of 4’ at 120V.


  • Model No./SKU: LED-IL-CLN18

  • Input Power: 18W (36W total)

  • 2 LED Clone Bars per pack

  • Color Temperature: 9,000K

  • PPF: 40 µmol/s

  • Ratings: IP66 Wet-Rated

  • LED Lifespan: 54000+ Hours

  • LED Beam Angle: 120 Degrees

Power Cord Not Included

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