Iluminar iLW Clone LED Grow Light

IluminarSKU: LED-IL-6025FSG-120

Wattage: 60W
Sale price$145


Are you searching for a grow light for your seedlings or cuttings? Well, your search ends with the Iluminar Clone LED grow light. This low heat coefficient and highly reliable indoor grow light ensure that the seedlings and cuttings get adequate heat to grow. Packed with good quality multiple spectrum LEDs, you can use it 24x7 without worrying about your seed's health. 

  • Indoor Full Sun Spectrum: The Iluminar iLW clone is an indoor full sun spectrum LED grow light. It provides indoor farm plants with sun-like energy.
  • Low Heat Coefficient: The low heat coefficient feature in this grow light ensures that your plants get enough heating.
  • Multiple Spectrum LEDs: The LEDs present on this grow light have multiple spectrum lighting. These LEDs are of high quality and ideal environment for the plants.
  • Fifty thousand hours of lifespan: The Iluminar iLW clone grow light is made from highly efficient material and has a lifespan of approximately 50,000 hours.

The Iluminar iLW Clone LED grow light is ideal for all growers looking for a medium specifically designed to provide energy to seedlings and cuttings. Seeds are the initial stage for the development of plants. If they are not provided with proper care and nourishment, their life cycle will shorten.

The important feature that makes this product stand out from the rest of its counterparts is its indoor full sun spectrum. Due to this feature, your seeds and cuttings get sun-like heat essential for their germination. In addition, the multiple spectrum LEDs make sure that the seeds and cuttings get an ample amount of energy from all sides. 

With 50,000 hours of lifespan, this grow light won't disappoint you at all. Its compact design and perfect structure fit well in grow tents and grow rooms. The mounting canopy height of this LED light is 18", which is perfect for all types of plants. Furthermore, the Iluminar grow light is packed with passive thermal management to maintain a perfect heating environment within the grow tent. 

With the help of passive thermal management, the heat is dispatched so that neither the grow light gets overheated nor makes any negative impact on the plants. With an IP65 rating, you can use this grow light in moist areas without worrying about your grow light getting damaged. In addition, as this grow light comes with a 5-year warranty, you can get it repaired if any of its parts get damaged. 


  • Model No./SKU: LED-IL-4025FSG-120

  • Light Type: Multiple Spectrum LED Diodes

  • Spectrum Tuned: Indoor Full Sun / Customized Spectrum 

  • Input Power: Smart Sensing™ 100V to 277V

  • Mounting Height: >18” to top of Canopy

  • Emitter Cooling: Passive Thermal Management

  • Waterproof Rating: IP65 for Damp Locations

  • LED Lifespan (90% of Life): 55,000+ Operational Hours

  • Height: 1.14 in /  29 mm 

  • Width: 5 in / 130 mm

  • Length: 47.2 in / 1200 mm

  • Lbs: 2.2 lbs / 1kg

  • Options: 40W or 60W

Power Cord Not Included

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