Interlux 1000W MH Lamp - Pulse Start

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Every plant stage requires individual attention, just like the vegetative stage during which you must expose them to the blue spectrum. With the 1000W MH pulse start, you promote their growth and make them thicker and stronger. It gives out 120,000-lumen output which is perfect for indoor grow purposes.

  • Promotes Vegetative Growth: Achieve maximum superior quality yield with the inter lux 1000W MH lamp. The blue spectrum light promotes healthier vegetative growth.

  • Ideal for Indoor Use: Indoor grows are as healthy as the outdoors when you expose them to MH lamps which provides them with a wide color spectrum.

  • Compatible with Electronic Ballast: It has been designed and tested to work efficiently with electronic ballast.

  • Improve Color Rendition: Exposing plants to MH lamps help improve their color rendition and helps grow nutritious green canopies.

The 1000W Interlux lamp gives out blue spectrum light which is ideal for promoting the vegetative growth of plants. Providing plants with the right spectrum light makes them grow healthier and robust. So, you achieve a huge yield that is thicker and of superior quality.

MH lamps are known to improve color rendition and achieve nutritious green canopies in no time. The 1000W metal halide lamp gives out 120,000 lumens of light. It has been designed for indoor purposes. So, your indoor plants grow as strong as they would have outdoors.

The lamp has been tested and designed to work perfectly when paired with electronic ballasts. With the combination of high lumen output and a wide color spectrum, you achieve a healthy yield.


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-791001-MH

  • 1000w Metal halide bulb

  • 120,000 Lumens - Designed for indoor use

  • Light spectrum towards the blue

  • Used for vegetative stages of growth

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