InterLux Metal Halide 1000W Lamp

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The 1000W MH lamp gives a high light output and gives out a blue spectrum which is ideal for promoting vegetative stages of the plants. The 1000W MH high output bulb has been developed and tested to function with an electronic ballast. The grow lamps have been designed for indoor use, and it gives a high lumen output for achieving maximum plant yield.

  • Grow Indoors: With the metal halide lamp, you can grow your plants indoors just as healthy as the outdoors. The plants grow thicker as they would have under natural sunlight.

  • Promotes Vegetative Growth: The grow light spectrum is slightly towards blue, which makes it perfect for the plant's vegetative growth.

  • Compatible with Electronic Ballast: The metal halide lamp has been designed to work well with electronic ballast. It has been tested and designed as such.

  • Strong Plant Growth: Your plants grow stronger and healthier when exposed to the InterLux metal halide lamps.

The InterLux is a metal halide lamp designed for indoor growing purposes, so you can keep them under the grow light to make them strong. The metal halide lamp has been run under a series of tests that have proven it to be highly efficient and compatible with all kinds of metal ballasts.

The spectrum emitted by the lamp is a little more towards the blue side, which is the reason for healthier vegetative growth. It comes equipped with a standard e39 base and delivers a high lumen output.


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-791000-MH

  • 1000w Metal Halide bulb

  • Designed for indoor use

  • Light spectrum towards the blue

  • Used for vegetative stages of growth

  • High lumen output

  • Standard e39 base

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