InterLux Metal Halide 600W Lamp

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Promote the vegetative growth of your plants with the InterLux metal halide lamp. The color spectrum emitted by it is a little towards blue, which is good for vegetative growth. The high output bulb has been tested and developed to function in conjunction with an electric ballast. Get the confidence to grow plants just as healthier as the outdoors with the metal halide lamp.

  • Promotes Vegetative Growth: The metal halide lamp emits light and provides blue spectrum light to the plant, ensuring vegetative growth.

  • Ideal for Indoor Plants: Give your plants a boost of growth indoors as they grow just as healthier as the outdoors.

  • Compatible with Electronic Ballast: The ballast has been tested to function with a variety of electronic ballasts.

  • Strong Plant Growth: Not only it leads to healthy vegetative growth of plants, but it also grows them healthier than ever.

The metal halide lamp by InterLux gives out blue spectrum light which is perfect for promoting vegetative growth in plants. Exposing plants to blue light makes them strong and thick in comparison to the other plants.

When installed indoors, the light would work perfectly to transform the plants. Under the light, you do not have to worry about giving sunlight to plants. Indoor plantations go taller and grow just as stronger as the plants growing outdoors.

The horticulture light has been designed and tested to work incompatibility with the electronic ballast. You can pair a variety of electronic ballasts to the grow lamp. The high lumen output of the lamp is another great assurance of its performance and output.


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-790600-MH

  • 600w Metal Halide bulb

  • Designed for indoor use

  • Light spectrum towards the blue

  • Used for vegetative stages of growth

  • High lumen output

  • Standard e39 base

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