InterLux Super 1000W HPS Grow Lamp

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Are you looking for the perfect horticulture lamp that boosts your plants' flowering and growth, then opt for the super HPS interlux. The grow lamp has been designed to work perfectly in conjunction with different kinds of electronic ballasts. When your plants are placed indoors, they still grow healthier, just like the outdoor plants under natural sunlight.

  • Ballast Compatible: The grow lamp will work perfectly with the Hypotek ballast according to its design and designed to be paired with all kinds of ballasts.

  • Promotes Flowering: The grow lamp spectrum is more towards red, which allows a healthier and thicker growth of the plants.

  • Achieve Maximum Yield: With the high lumen output and delivery of a white color spectrum, growers are promised a healthier yield.

  • Indoor Design: It supports a sleek indoor design with the output of a perfect light spectrum. Indoor plants grow as healthy as the outdoors in the absence of natural sunlight.

The 1000W InterLux is a super HPS grow lamp that has a design specific to indoor requirements. Exposing plants to the super HPS grow lamp will boost healthier and thicker plant growth.

The grow lamp has been designed to function as it is compatible with many kinds of electronic ballasts. The grow lamp has been designed specifically for hypotek ballasts. Your indoor plants will witness plant growth and flowering.


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-791000-E

  • 1000w super HPS

  • Designed for indoor use

  • Light spectrum towards the red

  • Used for flowering stages of growth

  • Will Work With Any Ballast, But Designed Specifically For Hypotek Ballasts

  • High lumen output

  • Standard e39 base

  • 140,000 lumens

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