InterLux Super 600W HPS Grow Lamp

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If you want to give your indoor plants a healthy boost of growth and promote flowering, then install the InterLux super 600W HPS grow lamp. The grow light is compatible with all kinds of ballasts and gives an ultimate performance when paired with them. As the light spectrum of the grow bulb is more towards red, ensuring fruiting stage and flowering.

  • Compatible with Electronic Ballasts: The InterLux grow lamp works great with all kinds of electronic ballasts, making it perfect for all growing areas.

  • Warranty Covered: The HPS grow lamp comes with a 1-year warranty, so you can stay assured about your investment.

  • Reddish Light Spectrum: It promotes the flowering growth stages and gives the plants a healthy boost.

  • Perfect for Indoor Growth: Do not worry about your plants missing the essential nourishment in the absence of the natural sunlight as the grow lamp gives redlight, which boosts the plants just like the sun.

The InterLux 600W HPS grow lamp has been designed for the indoor growing area. If your plants have reached their flowering and growth stages. The color spectrum of the grow lamp is shifted more towards red which enhances and boosts the creation of flowers in no time.

The grow lamp has been tested and developed to function in sync with all the electronic ballasts available in the market. The grow lamp has a standard E39 base.

If you are worried that your indoor plants will not grow as robust as the ones growing outdoors, then you need not bother. The light will make the plants grow healthy and thick, just like the outdoors, just like the plants would have under the sun.


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-790600-E

  • 600w super hps

  • Designed for indoor use

  • Light spectrum towards the red

  • Used for flowering stages of growth

  • Will work with any ballast

  • High lumen output

  • Standard e39 base

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