Lightech 28W 4' T8 4000K LED Grow Light

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The horticulture lighting solution consumes 28W to give out full spectrum light for the overall growth and development of the plantations. With the T8 grow lamps, you can achieve a healthy yield all around the year. With the 4000K color temperature is perfect for promoting vegging. Installation of the grow light is an uncomplicated process which can be done without any professional help.

  • Less Heat Emission: The T8 tube light emits very little heat so the plants are placed in close proximity so it won't create any heat spots.

  • Easy Installation Process: Without the need of any professional help the fixture can be hanged, saving you from expenditures.

  • Compact Design: The grow light has a simple and sleek design that can easily fit anywhere and does not require much space.

  • Imitates the Natural Sunlight: The 6500K color temperature imitates the natural sunlight and nourishes the plants overall.

The horticulture fixture comes with 2 mounting clips, 2X screws, 1X connector, 1X end cap, 1X 20In daisy chain cable and 1X 5ft daisy power cable. The Lightech 28W is a full spectrum light which supports the overall plant growth

The grow light gives a 4000K spectrum, which imitates the natural sunlight and simulates what plants have adapted over the generations. The sunlight spectrum allows the growth of seedlings and helps them become leggy as its spectrum imitates the sun's properties.

When plants are in the seedling stage, they require blue light for promoting vegetative growth. The blue light is similar to the high-angle spectral composition, and it can be typically observed in the early stages of the growth period.

Vegetative growth and seedling is critical for the growth of healthy and nourished plants. In the absence of a healthy foundation, plants are unable to achieve healthy growth. The LED has a sleek design that does not require much space and would easily fit anywhere.

The perfect amount of CRI gives a more vivid color to the plants. With the blue and deep red wavelengths help increase the rate of photosynthesis and speed up the growth of plantations.

Installation of the grow light is easy and can be done without any professional help, thus saving you from installation expenditure. The grow bulb fixture is the best in the market and has been designed to support indoor gardening and enhance flowering and plant growth. Lightech offers affordability and quality.

As the T8 LED grow light emits very little heat, you do not have to worry about heat sports or damaging the plants. The grow light is perfect for vertical farming, home grow racking system and commercial grow areas.

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