LighTech 4ft 4 Bulb T5 Fluorescent Light (Grow Bulbs)

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The Lightech is a growing solution supported by T5 bulbs for producing a great yield in indoor and outdoor growing areas. The grow light is available in 2 sizes which are 4X4 and 4X8. It won't acquire much space in a growing area as its dimensions are 47"H x 16"W x 2"L.

  • Indoor Gardening Solution: The grow light will give your indoor plants a boost, and the plants indoors will grow as healthy as the outdoors in no time.

  • UL listed Ballast: The certification makes the fixture perfect for usage as it means that you can use it for commercial and daily purposes.

  • Sunlight Spectrum: The 6500k color temperature is similar to the daylight spectrum on a rainy day, so your indoors will stay healthy just like under the natural light.

  • T5 Bulbs: The T5 bulbs give out more lumens in comparison to the regular LED lights. The heat output is the least, making it the perfect choice for indoor plants.

It supports a sleek and smart design that provides coverage to a massive area. The grow light comes with an on and off switch ensuring easy control and accessibility. With the fixture, you get a 10ft power cord, giving you easy accessibility and control over the fixture. The fixture is Ul listed making it highly trusted and safe for regular use by growers.

The grow light fixture is available in 2 sizes which are 4X4 and 4X8. The T5 bulb is highly efficient in comparison to the other lights. The 2 sizes are available in bloom and grow. The T5 by lightech has been designed for indoor plantations and gardening.

The grow light uses 6500k bulbs which emit natural sunlight spectrum. The grow bulb gives out light just the sun does on a cloudy day. When your plants are placed indoors, the plants will get light equivalent to natural sunlight and grow as healthy as the outdoors.


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-755441

  • Power Cord Length 10ft

  • 47"H x 16"W x 2"L

  • ON/OFF Switch

  • UL Listed Ballast

  • Bulbs included

  • 54 Watt Bulbs

  • 6500k Bulbs

Customer Reviews

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scott greene

I think the older model was a little wider, which was what I needed for my tray coverage. Otherwise the lights are decent. Growace was great.

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