LighTech 4ft 8 Bulb T5 Fluorescent Light (Bloom Bulbs)

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Looking for an indoor growing solution that helps in boosting plant growth and flowering? The 8 bulbs T5 fluorescent light has been designed with the latest components to support indoor gardening. The bulbs give out a 3000K spectrum, which supports flowering and plant growth alike. The fixture is available in 2 sizes: 4X4 and 4X8.

  • Indoor Gardening Solution: Whether you grow indoors or outdoors, the output will be as good as the outdoors.

  • 3000K Light: The light spectrum is perfect for vegetative and plant growth. The warm white light is perfect for the overall plant growth.

  • UL Listed: The certification means that it is perfectly safe for usage indoors and many other commercial purposes.

  • T5 Lights: With the T5 grow lights, you can boost the growth of delicate flowers and vegetables. It is highly efficient and does not consume much energy or electricity, saving you from unwanted costs.

The fixture has been designed for hydroponics systems. It is available in 2 sizes: 4X4 and 4X8, giving you a choice to choose according to the space available in the growing space. The T5 grow light outperforms the other competitive brands available in the market.

The 2 sizes of the fixture are available in bloom and grow sizes. The T5 fixture enhances plant and flowering growth and flowering. The length of the power cord is 10ft, and its dimensions measure 47"H x 31.5"W x 2.25"L.

The fixture comes with dual on/off switches which allows easy accessibility. It has a UL-listed ballast which helps control the current output and gives complete control over the grow light. The grow light fixture comes equipped with a ballast. It uses 3000K bulbs to support both the stages of the plant and flowering growth.

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The unit works GREAT!! The plants took off and it uses over half the electricity of a 1,000 watt unit. Only problem, the unit came with a broken bulb ( it was a replacement, so I had an extra bulb. So didn't contact the shipper to complain ) Grower

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