Lightech 54W 6500K 4 Foot T5 Fluorescent Light Strip

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With the T5 fluorescent grow light strip, you can grow vegetables, flowers. The strip light is daisy-chainable, so it can provide coverage to a good area while saving on the electricity bills. The color temperature given out by the light is 6500K which promotes foliage growth, resulting in healthier plants. The lights are daisy-chainable, and you can connect 2 fluorescent light strips to the same power output for great results.

  • Foliage Growth: The 6500K T5 fluorescent light boosts your plant growth, and it is ideally good for the growth of foliage.

  • 10,000 Hours Lifespan: The grow light will stay around for a good time at the amount you are paying, almost 10,000 hours.

  • T5 Light: The T5 lamps produce high lumen output while consuming very little energy. The T5 lamps also save you from unnecessary expenditures on electricity.

  • Daisy Chain Function: You can chain multiple devices together in a sequence so light reaches the maximum number of plants.

The 6500K light promotes foliage growth and helps to produce fruits and flowers. The 6500K light temperature builds healthier stems, leaves, and roots, resulting in thicker plants. The grow light delivers great performance and offers durability.

You can expect a great lamp life of over 10,000 hours with the T5 light. The T5 bulbs have the highest lumen output giving you great value for money at a very affordable price. The grow light works non-stop for 10,000 hours, so you do not have to worry about getting the grow light replaced any time soon.

The grow light solves many indoor purposes, and you can use it for gardens to promote flowering and plant growth. The grow light is daisy-chainable, and you get 1 daisy chain cord with the fixture. The combo kit includes electronic ballast, 6 foot cord, and an on/off switch.


Customer Reviews

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Robert Southard
T5 fluorescent light

Exactly the size I needed for my fish tank.been searching for months and you came through

anonymous anonymous

this product works great, its a vary nice light a video review can be found here and here

anonymous anonymous

This is a excellent lite weight light, I forgot to mention in the video review that this is linkable and comes with a linking cord so they can be plugged together. the video is here .

Greg Sabin

The 2 fixtures I got are defective, I have started the process to get them replaced.

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