LighTech LED T5 4' 8 Bulb Grow 5500k Fixture 120v

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The Lightech LED uses T5 fluorescent bulbs that deliver high-intensity light ideal for indoor plants. The grow light can be mounted horizontally, vertically, or overhead. It is available in two size variations, 4X8 and 4X4. The ballast of the grow light fixture is UL listed, which means it meets the international safety standards and is regarded safe for use for personal and professional purposes.

  • Indoor Gardening: The grow light fixture promotes flowering, plant growth and is considered ideal for indoor gardening purposes.

  • Hang 3 Ways: The grow light can be mounted in 3 different ways- horizontal, vertical, and overhead.

  • 6500K Bulbs: The color temperature is ideal for foliage growth and mimics daylight spectrum ideal for plant and vegetative growth.

  • UL Listed: It means that the product meets the specified requirement of the nationally recognized safety standards.

The grow light system has a new-age T5 design that promises great performance and high lumen output in different growing environments. The grow light is available in 2 sizes configurations which are 4X4 and 4X8. Choose a hanging configuration that meets the needs of your growing environment.

The grow light is perfect for indoor growing areas. The grow light can be hung in 3 directions- horizontal, vertical, and overhead. You can accommodate the grow light according to the space available inside your grow area. The dimensions of the fixture are 3"H x 26"W x 46"L. With the grow light, you get a 10’ power cord so that you can hang the fixture a good distance from the power point.

The grow light gives out approximately 40,000 lumens of light. Thanks to the powder coating of the fixture, the grow light fixture stays protected against any damage. The steel housing is sturdy, reliable, and protects it against scratches and damage.

The grow light is daisy-chain capable, which lets you fix 2 units to a single outlet. The supplemental grow light can meet the unique needs of your garden. The grow light is available in 7 sizes, and you can choose between 2-12 tubes for your fixture.

The grow light comes with a UL listing, which means that it has been recognized nationally to meet safety standards. UL listing ensures better quality, reliability, and safety, making it ideal for commercial and personal use.


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-755486

  • Fan Size - 4 Inch

  • Motor Type - 3-Phase EC Motor

  • Voltage (Volts/Hertz) - 110v / 60Hz -240v/50Hz

  • Current (Amps) - 0.94A

  • Power (Watts) - 70W

  • Max Speed (RPM) - 3800

  • Max Air Flow ft³/min (CFM) - 216CFM

  • Pressure (Pa) - 578Pa

  • Noise (dB) - =35dB

  • Net Weight (lbs/kgs) - 4.4lbs / 2.0kgs

  • Packaging Dimensions - 12.3in x 8.5in x 8.9in

  • Construction - Ball Bearings / PP / ABS

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