Lightech T5 4' 8 Grow Bulb Fixture 120/240V

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The grow bulb fixture is for sensitive plants that need low-intensity light. The sleek design of the fixture will provide coverage to a large area. The T5 has been designed for indoor gardening, flowering, and plant growth. The grow light emits low-intensity light and provides coverage to a large area. You get a power cord and 6500K veg bulbs.

  • Low-Intensity Light Output: The grow light has low-intensity light ideal for sensitive plants and provides coverage to a very large grow area.

  • Multipurpose Light: The grow light can be used for outdoor purposes and indoor gardening. The multipurpose light supports flowering and plant growth.

  • Enhance Flowering and Plant Growth: The T5 lights emit soft light that stimulates plants' growth and achieves a healthy yield.

  • Wider Coverage: The grow light has a sleek design that allows wider coverage. The grow light reaches a maximum number of plants.

The T5 grow light has been designed ideally for commercial purposes, and you can expect great results and high lumen output. The lamp consumes very little energy to give high output efficiency.

The grow light has a sleek and sophisticated design that ideally suits all kinds of growing environments. The thin frame is wide enough to reach the maximum number of plants in a growing area. The grow light is multipurpose, and you can use it for outdoor purposes and indoor gardening to ensure a healthy yield.

The grow light has a low-intensity light which is great for sensitive plants. You never have to worry about the plants getting burnt due to overheating and overexposure as the output is always under control.


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-755484

  • Voltage: 120V/240V

  • Power Cord Length: 10 Feet

  • Bulbs Included: 54w 6500k Veg Bulbs

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