Lightech T5 Strip 2' 24W

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The grow light can be used as a supplemental light ideal for growing healthy plants in a growing area. The fluorescent light is the perfect supplemental light that can be used in combination with a primary light to boost plants' growth. The grow light is daisy chain capable, and you can join many lights one next to another to grow in a compact growing space.

The grow light is long-lasting, affordable, and works for 10,000 hours at a stretch unstoppably. The grow light is great for indoor gardening, and it can boost flowering and plant growth. The grow light is affordable, so purchasing the light strip won’t burn a hole in your pocket. The grow light is perfect for indoor growing areas.

The lightech T5 strip enhances the growth of plants and flowering. The new-age light tech strip enhances the flowering and growth of plants.

Customer Reviews

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Lightech T5 Strip for terrariums

I set up my T5 lights just a couple of weeks ago, and already some of my terrariums have shown increased greenery and growth. I was having trouble placing a terrarium with lots of moss in a window that would get good sun but wouldn't get too hot. Now, the moss gets plenty of light and can stay cool at my home's room temperature and a lot of the brown areas have recovered with bright new green growth.

Greg Sabin

Works great, the reflector really works, high output for sure, I did measure it with a solar meter but I also changed the bulbs to the purpose I am using them for so my readings would not help a bit here.

anonymous anonymous

These work great, arrived well packed and undamaged. I like them a lot, their also light weight and come with mounting brackets.

Greg Sabin

Great prices on great products. processing may take a week or so, but that is ok, as I am happy when my stuff arrives.

Fran Hilbert

I paid the same price for a single bulb lamp from your company as a double from another. I had expected the bulb to be larger. But it is satisfactory and keeping my seedlings happy, as far as I can tell.

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