Lotus Nutrients Pro Series CAL/MAG - 30oz

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Lotus is known as the premier nutrient line (and easiest to use). Lotus uses a powder delivery system that will surpass the volume and quality of other liquid nutrient lines.

Lotus Nutrients Pro Series CAL/MAG is the main source of two secondary nutrients essential for healthy and balanced growth. It is best for coco-coir-based grows. It consists of a perfect magnesium to calcium ratio (1:4) to treat magnesium and calcium deficiencies in plants. 

You can use the solution as a root zone application or foliar spray. In addition, Lotus Nutrients Pro Series CAL/MAG solution can be used to pre-treat coco coir to eliminate extra chloride or sodium from the medium.

  • Total Nitrogen: 4.0%

  • Calcium: 11.0%

  • Magnesium: 3.0%


  • Purified and Perfected.

  • Formulated by Growers.


  • SKU/Model Number: GSI-LOTUS-CMAG-30

  • Brand: Lotus Nutrients

  • Size: 30oz


Customer Reviews

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harmond lukeson
Needed some Cal Mag

Decided to give this lotus brand a try. I did not know these were dry nutrients. It was a pleasant surprise when I mixed my water and am essentially getting double the product from the size of the container.

Dan the Man
Plants needed something extra

My plants were needing a little more ( Yellowing leaves ) Added this to my current feeding schedule and my plants have snapped right out of it. Also, you are getting twice the volume of product once you mix in the water. Awesome Deal!

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